The rebirth of Britain

Is the future of Britain as bleak as some recent postings would suggest? Is Britainís doom certain? Why must that be, given that the non-European population is still a small fraction of the British population as a whole? The immigrant populations are there, and gaining power, for one reason only. In the name of ďtoleranceĒ the British (or rather the English) gave up their historic identity as a people and welcomed unassimilable foreigners en masse into their country. What if that cause were reversed? What if the British regained their identity and solidarity as a people, and began speaking and acting in their own defense, for their own preservation? The entire Third-Worldization and Islamification (as well as, due to the EUís open internal borders, Eastern-Europization) of Britain could be stopped and even turned around.

The doom of Britain is not a material, determined event. It is the outcome of thoughts and choices in the mind and soul of the British. They have abandoned themselves spiritually (and by spiritual I donít necessarily mean God, I mean a transcendent sense of their historic being as a people and a nation), and so are allowing themselves to be dispossessed materially as well. If they find themselves spiritually again, they can re-take possession of their Island and their destiny.

If I didnít believe this possible, for Britain, for America, and for the entire West, I wouldn’t bother writing about this subject anymore. But, as hopeless as things may seem, I do believe itís possible. Everything in me tells me itís possible. The key is the collective sense of identity as a concrete people that the Americans and the British and other European peoples once had but gave up under the influence of liberal ideology, consumerism, mass pop culture, and the other horsemen of our apocalypse. It is the giving up of that identity that has spelled our doom. It is the rediscovery of that identity that can save us. Above all others, this is the crucial factor.

For a discussion of this issue, read my 2003 booklet, Erasing America: The Politics of the Borderless Nation.

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