More Muhammads than Harrys

Larry T. writes:

The Mail reports: “Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys ahead of Jack and Harry.”

LA replies:

What’s the big deal? Why should anyone get excited or alarmed about this? The simple fact is that Muslims overwhelmingly name their sons Muhammad. Therefore if you let Muslims mass-immigrate into your country, you will end up with a sub-population that overwhelmingly names their sons Muhammad, and that name will inevitably become the most popular male name in your country. Period. A leads to B leads to C. If you have a problem with having lots of people in your country named Muhammad, then you shouldn’t invite Muslims into your country. And if you have already made the suicidal mistake of doing so, you must, If you don’t want to complete the suicide, recognize your error and retract and reverse the invitation.

There is really nothing more to say about the subject. All else is escapist b.s. or dhimmi surrender.

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October 29

Dimitri K. writes:

You are surprised that people are surprised about having more Muhammads than Harrys in Britain. They seemingly should have known that in advance. Unfortunately, they did not. You are a smart guy, and like many smart people you think that others are smart like you. Unfortunately, its not so. Many people, including some of the leadership, don’t understand the consequences of their actions. They simply cannot. They don’t have the necessary part of brain or whatever. I am not kidding. That’s why when such obvious and predictable things occur, they appear surprised.

LA replies:

Is it because I am smart, and others are not? Or is it because I am using normal intelligence, and others are not?

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