Reader discovers VFR through George Washington

A reader whom I hadn’t previously heard from sent a donation along with this note:

I found VFR about a year ago when I stumbled upon your eulogy of James Thomas Flexner. I had just finished volume three in his George Washington biography and was seeking information about Flexner purely out of curiosity. Therefore it can be said (and I enjoy saying it) that General Washington led me to your site; a discovery which I might describe as bordering on “transformational.”

To have found what I hold to be such an excellent source of “complete” conservatism in VFR in the manner which I did, leaves me thanking Providence daily.

I told the reader that to know that Washington, and Washington’s great biographer, led him to this site, which he has found of value, makes me very happy.

But I would return to what I said yesterday: While there have been many grave judicial distortions of parts of the Constitution over the last century that had put the country in an ambiguous relation with its supreme law, the passage of the health care bill transcends those previous violations. It takes us to a place where the government has essentially unlimited power over us, where we really cease to be the country of which George Washington is justly known as the father. Who are we then? How can we still be Americans, if the very definition of America—the checks on government power that are the basis of liberty—has been overturned by Obama’s leftist revolution? And the answer is: we continue to be Americans only insofar as we fight to overturn what the left has done. Whatever still exists of American patriotism, of American identity itself, is now identical with counterrevolution.

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