Does VFR have the inside track on Bush or what?

In a blog entry last month entitled, “Whose twin? Whose brain?” I said of our president:

I must therefore amend my previous description of Bush’s decision-making process. First he’s told what’s what by Rice; then his instincts (which include his unconditional love for this liberal and brain-dead but cute woman) tell him to approve of what she has said; and then he validates the decision by prayer. So those are the forces now governing the most powerful country on earth: Rice’s ignorant and unreflective brain; Bush’s unreflective instincts; and Bush’s liberal evangelical-type prayer, the main function of which is to make the believer feel good about himself.

Guess what? According to a web page that lists Bush’s nicknames for virtually everyone he knows, his nickname for Condoleezza Rice is “guru.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 15, 2006 12:00 AM | Send

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