Rand discussion, cont.: what’s the good of being a hyper-logical thinker, if your first principles are divorced from reality?

My main interlocutor in the Atlas Shrugged thread (which started September 29 and resumed yesterday after a four-day hiatus) has grown frustrated by my repeated rejections of his criticisms of my criticisms of the book. I reply that we simply disagree, and that I am developing my understandings of the book, based on reading it. I also argue that what is good about Atlas Shrugged are the non-Objectivist parts, and what is bad are the Objectivist parts. I say that Objectivism, in its first principles, is insane, and that Rand’s logical applications of those principles are therefore also insane. In a further comment-essay, I give an example of an insane first principle of Objectivism and its logical consequences.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 10, 2012 11:24 AM | Send

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