A question about obeying traffic lights in Black-Run America

Driving with his children and parents through a black part of Seattle, Justin Ferrari, a law-abiding, respectable citizen, stopped for a red light at the intersection of East Cherry Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. While he was waiting at the light, he was shot dead by a random Negro gun shot.

Which raises the question: If you are driving, perforce, through a run-down, black part of town and you come to a red light, what do you do? What would Andrew McCarthy do? What would NR’s twerp-in-chief “Rich” Lowry do?

Here’s what VFR reader Doug H. did.

* * *

Also, in that same entry, see Paul K’s comment about how he has, reluctantly but necessarily, assimilated the “rules” on how to avoid dangerous or unpleasant interactions with blacks.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 24, 2012 07:05 PM | Send

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