Mexican illegal alien destroys New Jersey family that took him in and cared for him

Carlos and Wanda Gonzalez of Stafford Township in central New Jersey allowed Richard Toledo, an illegal alien from Mexico, to live in their home. They took him in and provided him with bed and board, even when he was out of (illegal) work. On January 19, 2006, Toledo beat to death with a claw hammer the Gonzalez’s two sons, Karlo, 14, and Zabdiel, 7, and also briefly kidnapped their mother. This week he was sentenced to two consecutive life terms for murder, plus a sentence for the kidnapping. Needless to say, New Jersey, one of the most liberal states in the country, does not have the death penalty.

“How could there be people who would be able to take the life of two children, and how can I continue living without them by my side?”, said Wanda Gonzalez at the sentencing.

A couple of months ago the New York Times ran a series of articles claiming in sensational terms that Iraq veterans had committed an extraordinary number of murders in this country. The story was soon exposed as a typical Times hit job, as the number of murders committed by Iraq veterans is in fact much lower than those committed by the general population. I’m waiting for the Times to do a series on the extraordinary number of murders and rapes that have been committed in this country by illegal aliens. But somehow I don’t think the Times will take me up on my idea. Covering a fictitious murder epidemic carried out by fictitious depraved U.S. military personnel is one thing; covering an actual murder epidemic carried out by actual depraved foreigners who have illegally entered our country, well, that’s something else.

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