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Moving toward approval is a vast 12-lane, 400-yard-wide highway complex running from Mexico through the U.S. to Canada, with separate lanes “for passenger vehicles and large trucks, freight railways, high-speed commuter railways, and a corridor for utilities including water lines, oil and natural gas pipelines, and transmission lines for electricity, broadband and other telecommunications services.” Called the North American SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO) International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportion Corridor, it is aimed at creating, in Jerome Corsi’s words,

a NAFTA-plus environment in which workers, trade and capital will be allowed to flow unimpeded within the trilateral North American community consisting of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Here is a follow-up story by Corsi at Human Events with important information.

Personally, I think this project is simply the infrastructural analogue of what President Bush and his allies want to do to America by means of Hispanic immigration: they want to crush it. They don’t like America, it is still too particular, still too different from the rest of the world, still too white. They want America to be cast down and defeated, so that it can no longer stand in the path of true moral and human progress. What is true moral and human progress? The browning of the Western world, leading to the cultural homogenization and economic unification of the human race. What is the main obstacle standing in the way of this progress? The remaining national identity of America. How to destroy that identity? By turning the center of the United States into an international super transportation corridor, symbolically and actually.

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Paul K. writes:

I’ve heard you suggest previously that Bush wishes to destroy America. I admit it fits the evidence, but I always react with some incredulity. There have been leaders such as Stalin or Mao who clearly seemed to hate their own people, but would Bush be at their level of psychopathy? Does he really hate the kinds of people who voted for him? If so, why not simply run as a Democrat? Is he so delusional that he sincerely believes that an amalgamation with Mexico is going to improve life for Americans? If he holds that belief, is it completely impervious to all evidence to the contrary and any political consideration? What is really in this for him? Self righteousness, an assurance that he is doing God’s will? Does he think that globalism will make him and his cronies even more wealthy and powerful, and to hell with how it affects the vast majority of Americans? Does he consider the possibility that future generations will regard him as the apotheosis of treachery, replacing Benedict Arnold for that distinction? How can that not be a crushing realization?

I am genuinely perplexed by this. I can understand the debacle in Iraq: it’s like a losing stock you hold onto because you don’t want to take the loss. However, on the open borders policy, Bush could change course at any time and get an immediate political lift. How can he be so determined to blunder ahead?

LA replies:

I think he sees the browning of America as a wholly positive thing and cannot conceive of any other view of the matter. I think he has had spiritually fulfilling and formative “Christian” experiences in relation to the affection he feels for little brown people.

“Is he so delusional that he sincerely believes that an amalgamation with Mexico is going to improve life for Americans?”

I don’t think he’s thought it through that far. He regards Mexicans as part of “one family” with us, and that’s all that matters, and everything else will somehow just work out, just as he believes that all Muslims want democracy, and somehow that will all work out.

We have to understand liberalism as a literally a form of psychopathy, a mental illness that nevertheless allows a person to keep functioning in the real world, because of unprincipled exceptions.

Edward writes:

I read your article entitled “Nation Crusher” and was not surprised. Several years ago when Vicente Fox was in the U.S. President Bush said publicly that the goal was to unite Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into one nation. I am sorry that I didn’t keep the quote and a citation to where it appeared, and don’t know how to locate it now. But this idea of uniting all of North America is a standard State Department concept. That is why Bush will do nothing to build a wall along the Mexican border. I am thinking of not voting any longer, I am so disillusioned by the politicians and the so called Right Wing Conservative Movement. Your articles and comments are still the best. Western Man has lost his identity and his belief in his moral superiority. This is exactly what happened in Rome in the 5th century before the barbarians sacked Rome. This began again in the second half of the 19th century and coincided with Europe’s fascination with Buddhism and Hinduism. The rejection of Christianity by the intellectual elite started a search for a replacement ideology which would give meaning and purpose to their life. Rejection of Western Tradition and Religion left Western Man bereft of identity and rootless, therefore he now turns against himself and feels himself without purpose and therefore like a teenage child throws temper tantrums and wants to destroy his own civilization. What can turn this situation around is “Leadership” and if leadership appears the adolescents will follow and regain a sense of purpose and identity. Unfortunately, I see no leadership on the horizon. I see only a weak willed Bush and a Democratic party which is suicidal.

J. writes:

The problem I see with your optimism regarding liberalism’s inevitable demise (and the restoration of a traditionalist view of America among the majority) lies in the multitudes of mammon-worshipers on the supposed right. Look at the NASCO board on its website—a pretty good cross-section of white corporate America, enthusiastically organized to obliterate their own borders and sovereignty for economic efficiency, almost certainly with honest, well-intentioned Chamber of Commerce spirit. Go, team!

Maybe it’s the circles in which I travel, but this is the unanimous attitude of those around me. If it’s good for making money, it’s just plain good. Don’t bother me with that old, boring, non-interest-bearing cultural nonsense.

Antony writes from England:

Looking at the plans for the transportation corridor, I had to wonder how long it’ll be before one of the many traitors in the American political and business establishment refers to it as “the backbone of North America,” and whether this name will stick. Utterly spineless.

Paul C. writes:

The SuperCorridor has been much discussed here in Texas for several years. Introduced to us as the Trans-Texas Corridor, this monstrosity would be the largest toll road in history. But more importantly, as detractors have pointed out, it is a terror magnet. It would make the transmission of a large portion of the nation’s natural gas, water, electricity, rail, and road traffic vulnerable simultaneously along four thousand miles. Certainly, part of the lesson of 9-11 was the need to decentralize our security and economic infrastructure and make it less vulnerable to terror. And here are the “big thinkers,” Perry and Bush, aiming to do just the opposite. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Jeffrey M. writes:

I read your Nation Crusher piece late last evening, before retiring to bed for a fitful night of sleep. Nothing in the article shocked me, despite the fact that a diarist or two on one of the large conservative group blogs had mentioned the project in late May, only to be informed by ‘respectable opinion’ that only nuts and kooks would perceive it as either a reality, or a threat were it a reality. The hedging is quite revealing, in my opinion. The mainstream right is forever condemned to undertake its long death march to the left, motivated by an obsequious desire to cultivate respectability in the eyes of liberals and a refusal to acknowledge any voices to the right. Whereas Cold War liberalism could often be said to recognize no enemies to the left, modern conservatism recognizes no friends to the right.

The account of this proposal hit me like a sledgehammer—a sledgehammer to my soul. This is the end. Not so much when considered in itself—although that is bad enough—but when considered symbolically. Symbolically, this proposal represents the moment America becomes a Banana Republic—a nation or state governed—or is that ruled—by, on behalf of, and for the interests of, an elite class of linked corporate and political officials, a state in which the outward forms of representative, deliberative government are observed, but from which the spirit of those traditions has departed. There will be no public debate or discussion; all will be accomplished in secrecy, beyond the reach of the people, whose only role is to be exploited, manipulated, and disinherited, as the case may warrant. Should a proposal somehow be compromised by exposure to the gaze of the public, it will either be denied or obfuscated, as in the present case, or rammed down the throats of the people, as in the case of NAFTA. In the final analysis, the only consideration of consequence is whether a given proposal facilitates the increase of the wealth and power of that elite class, and, obversely, effects the diminution of the real power of the people and the representative insitutions of government.

Game over. Choose your metaphor. Will someone turn out the lights? The Real America I heard so much about growing up—I’m 32—has left the building. Nothing is this world can change, and our children will inherit nothing.

Patricia sends an article written by Kay Barnes, mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, announcing that Kansas City is about to become a foreign port, with its own Mexican Customs Clearance Facility. See a discussion of Mayor Barnes’s amazing statement about the real purpose and end of the SuperCorridor.

Also, a reader sends this link to the official government website explaining the merger agreement.

Robert B. writes:

I’m surprised no one else caught this yet. If you look at your map of the super highway, you will note that it runs not just through the heart of America, but also through it’s least populated areas. This is no accident. Catholics who extol the virtues of mass migration usually point out that that part of the country is “empty” and in need of people- like about 100 million.

Thus, this corridor will speed the transportation of Central and South Americans into America’s heart—filling it up and overrunning the native population rather quickly. Can’t you just imagine the semi trucks, loaded up with illegals in Mexico, running straight for Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wisconsin? Not only that, but the areas in the South West, devoid of a water supply that can meet the growing needs, will simply drain off the Great Lakes- siphoning straight out of Lake Superior. And just who will benefit from that?

Ask yourself why no one in the media is talking about this.

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