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And speaking of the saga of American greatness (see previous entry), how can we leave out this (from today’s Drudge Report):


Face it, folks: this is what we have become in response to the September 11, 2001 Muslim terrorist attack on America: a humiliated, defeated, and despicable people that accepts its humiliation and defeat. Not a single prominent figure or institution or political movement in our country protests this self-humiliation. Why? Because the only alternative to humiliating ourselves would be to profile Muslims, and that would violate our highest principle, which is non-discrimination toward whatever is most alien and hostile to ourselves.

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James P. writes:

I went through Dulles recently, and I noticed a large number of prominent signs warning the public not to “abuse” TSA agents, because this would violate their “rights.”

Got that? Complaining about the people who are violating your rights (and your person) and who are abusing you constitutes intolerable abuse and a violation of their rights.

A variation on Auster’s First Law: the more aggressively abusive and criminal TSA becomes, the more aggressively it will attempt to criminalize complaint and accuse its victims of abuse.

Laura Wood writes:

It is not just TSA employees who are reacting to potential “abuse.”

A friend of mine was recently boarding a plane in Portland, Oregon, when she complained to US Air employees that her seat assignment had been changed and she would not be able to sit next to her husband as previously arranged. (She had passed out on another flight and wanted to be next to him.)

A US Air supervisor approached her and said in a bullying voice that she had no right to object to the change in seat plans. My friend, who is a petite woman, lightly touched the female supervisor’s arm and said, “Please calm down.”

What followed was a living nightmare.

The Portland City police were called and my friend was accused of assaulting the airline supervisor. Apparently, any physical contact with airline employees now qualifies as assault.

She was even given a citation for disorderly conduct by the police (phony as she later learned), which was traumatic for my law-abiding friend. She never got on the plane and paid more than $1,000 to get a flight on another airline.

LA replies:

The race of the US Air supervisor?

Laura replies:


My friend is Indian.

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