Couple attacked during hike in South Africa

Martin and Janet Stern, an orthodox Jewish couple from Toronto, were hiking in a nature reserve during their annual trip to their native South Africa. A sign outside the reserve said, “After recent assaults in the reserve all hikers are using trails at own risk. Be vigilant at all times. Advisable to not carry valuables with you on hikes, including passports, IDs and credit cards.” Evidently the sign did not advise hikers to carry a .45 or a .38, or even a .22. On the hike the Stern passed two men on the trail and said hello to them. A few moments later the two men stabbed the Sterns from behind, tied them up, stoned them, beat them, held a knife to Mrs. Stern’s throat, and left them tied up, bleeding heavily, in the bush, where they were discovered two hours later by other hikers and taken to hospital. The article, in the Toronto Star, does not provide any physical description of the assailants.

Can you imagine going hiking by yourself in an isolated area in South Africa, the country with by far the highest rate of violent crime in the world, without any means of self-defense? These people didn’t even have the excuse of being tourists unfamiliar with the country. And I’ll bet that even now they’re having no Second Thoughts. I can imagine the Woody Allenesque conversation, right out of Annie Hall, going on among them and their family (add Jewish accent): “These were poor oppressed black people! What else can they do but rob and steal?”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 26, 2009 11:05 AM | Send

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