Horowitz pays me for secretly publishing my article which he had secretly called racist and for which he had secretly blackballed me

Last week I received a check for $200 from the David Horowitz Freedom Center for my article, “The Evolution of One Person’s Views on Racial Differences in Intelligence,” which, without my knowledge, had been copied from its original 2003 posting at VFR and published several years ago at Horowitz’s Discover the Network website, where it can still be read. It was apparently the views laid out in this article that David Horowitz, in a secret e-mail to the leftist hit artist David Mills in May 2006, declared to be “racist and offensive,” in response to a long letter from Mills to Horowitz quoting various writings of mine but particularly the article in question. Horowitz also told Mills that he would not publish me any more unless I publicly renounced my “racist” ideas.

Over the following year, Horowitz proceeded to reject subsequent article submissions by me to FrontPage Magazine, without telling me about his decision, which he had communicated to Mills but not to me, to exclude me entirely. It was only when, a year later, Horowitz momentarily forget his determination to exclude me and published my article on interracial rape in May 2007, that Mills published the next day at the Huffington Post Horowitz’s letter to him with the description of my positions as “racist and offensive.” When I asked Horowitz for an explanation of this statement by him at a left-wing website calling my work racist, he angrily told me that I should stop attacking him. When I persisted in my demand for an explanation, he told me, “I want you to go away Lawrence,” thus terminating our relationship. Subsequently, Horowitz never explained which statements of mine he saw as so racist they required my being closed out of his magazine, and indeed he refused to say anything at all about the matter.

However, a reader then discovered at Horowitz’s own website Discover the Network my very article that was the principal cause of Horowitz’s dismissing me from FrontPage Magazine as a racist. The article, originally posted at VFR in January 2003, had been copied in its entirety and published at DTN in DTN’s own format. It wasn’t merely a link to the original VFR article but was published as a new, standalone piece without even a link to its original version at VFR. The article must have been at the DTN website at least since 2005 or even 2004, when the DTN site was created. Since Horowitz in the past had paid me for other articles of mine that he had published at DTN, I wrote to him asking him for payment for this article. I heard back from his financial official, John Perazzo, who refused to pay me for the article. I replied with further arguments that were unanswerable, along with a promise of a lawsuit, and a few weeks later I received the check.

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Rachael S. writes:

Mr. Frontpage’s ego is obviously huge. He treats you badly, you have the to audacity to point it out, he responds with open contempt and unreasonable behavior (initially refusing to pay you).

The check almost seems like an insult at this point. (But don’t send it back ;`)

LA replies:

I love getting the check. It makes it official that Horowitz himself published the very article of mine (an article I consider very worthwhile) that he later considered so racist he had to exclude me—in a treasonous and sneaky way—from his magazine.

Moreover, I never was paid for that article before, having posted it only at VFR, and also getting it published at The Occidental Quarterly which does not pay for articles. But it’s better to be paid for one’s work. So to be finally paid for that article, four and a half year years after I initially posted it (and 12 years after I wrote the original draft), by the very person who severed his relationship with me over that article because of its “racism,” but who, by some strange twist of fate, published the article at his own website without telling me, has some kind of poetical justice.

It seems likely that some underling of Horowitz published the article at DTN without his knowledge. But given Horowitz’s well-known opposition to any kind of notion of racial differences, how could any employee of his have thought that Horowitz would approve this article? It’s mysterious. It’s as though some secret force wanted that article to be published at DTN. Which adds to my pleasure in being paid for it.

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