The Wilding of Sarah Palin?

In an article that is unhinged, or brilliant, or both, Robin of Berkeley, a contributor at American Thinker, explains the left’s hate of Palin. A long time liberal and feminist, Robin tells how in her earlier years she was motivated by the fear of rape to identify with the Democratic Party. The Democrats would protect her, most of all from evil conservative men. Then, she tells us, in recent years (as recently as two years ago), she realized that it was Democrats who really hate women and regard them as objects to be exploited. And the specific experience that taught her this searing lesson was none other than the Democratic Party’s turn against Hillary Clinton in favor of Barack Obama in early 2008: “What finally woke me up were the utterances of bitch, witch, and monster toward Hillary Clinton and her supporters early last year. I was shocked into reality: the trash talk wasn’t coming from conservatives but from male and female liberals.” At this point in the article I was thinking two things: “This woman is part of the traumatized Hillary brigades who are convinced that the Democrats did something utterly evil to Hillary, though it’s not clear what that was,” and, “This woman is a perpetual victim; she goes from seeing herself as the victim of conservatives, to seeing herself as the victim of liberals.” I was about to dismiss the article, but then she moved on to the subject of Sarah Palin, and upped the unhinged-versus-brilliant ante ten-fold. What she says is too remarkable for me to summarize. You have to read it yourself and, perhaps, tell us what you think.
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TMD writes:

I confess to finding Mrs. Palin unqualified but definitely okay. She drives all the right people crazy. That is her major virtue. Her obvious fertility aggresses the haters as a standing reproach to their horrid values.

So the article you linked by the recovering psychoanalytic liberal woman, Robin of Berkeley, strikes me as well within the boundaries of the sane and accurate.

Brilliant but unhinged, maybe, but I think she is merely describing the state of mind of her enemies. Takes one to know one, and Robin knows them inside out.

Also, Rex Murphy at the Globe and Mail says much the same in a calmer voice.

Brandon M. writes:

What the woman says in the article is true.

It is necessary to understand the spiritual aspect (cause) of those things that are happening in the visible, time dimension (effect).

The left wingers/leftists are the “goats” Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25:31-33. This group is in complete thrall of the adversary (satan), for it is his anger that speaks out of them. They are his instruments and receive the same penalty as he. (see verse 41 in same chapter)

When Jesus was raised from the dead He was raised to the position of authority over all things and after that He began the work of dividing the “sheep” from the “goats”.

The conditions the woman describes in the article are the “symptoms” or effects of this dividing/separating being played out in this dimension.

Mrs. Palin is an object of hate because the adversary knows what she represents. She is going to be in some kind of prominent position in the future and he is fighting against that.

You and I may not agree on her qualifications or lack thereof (the goats don’t care—that’s why we now have the coffee suit) for high office. She represents “sheep”; those who are “good”, comparatively speaking .

On a tangental note: women are not ordained to be in positions of authority because they represent the sphere or aspect of God which is darkness or silence. In the old testament a women named Deborah

was placed in authority, but was the exception because there were no men with any backbone, just like today, most men have become totally femaleized and have mush for backbone. A woman in authority is actually a shame to men.

In the world/culture we presently live in, the roles have been switched and they have to be restored to the proper order according to the heavenly pattern—hence the warfare being played out in this visible, time dimension..

I enjoy reading your site. Have been doing so for some time.

November 25 12:05 a.m.

LA writes:

Almost by coincidence, I was reading an older thread on Palin, from last July, and this exchange jumped out at me:

Steve R. writes:

It’s frightening just how much the liberals in my office hate Sarah Palin. A couple of them expressed a wish that she be raped and killed. It was so disturbing that I put some effort delving into it. It seems there are a few reasons to explain why she occupies a place in their hearts and minds that was previously reserved only for Ann Coulter.

Like Justice Thomas, Sarah inhabits the body of something they worship—the victim—but by her accomplishments and confidence she makes a mockery of victimhood.

Naturally they fear all right wing Christians. For being right wing they are evil and by being Christian they assert the supernatural and impose moral judgment.

Sarah takes pleasure exposing liberal cowardice, falsity, hypocrsy and anti-American behavior. And with her “common man” approach she’s quite effective at it.

Her physical attractiveness belies their belief that what she stands for is ugly. So unlike Rush, for whom liberals can feel superior, continually attacking him as being fat, mean, ugly, and drug-addicted, Palin’s physical attractiveness makes that impossible and by their standards puts her in a somewhat superior position.

So liberal women envy her and liberal men, emasulated by all the above respond by demeaning her with sexual insults. Thus Letterman calls her a slut and her daughter the same for good measure.

LA replies:

Very good analysis!

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