VFR scoops Jackson autopsy report

(Note: see my discussion of before and after photos of Jackson, below.)

Yesterday I wrote about Michael Jackson:

[H]is transformation of himself, via horrifying plastic surgery and skin treatments, from a black male into a white Peter Pan, with a nose that looked like a fragile chicken bone about to break off from his face … left Jackson disintegrating physically and emotionally during his last 15 years …. the decline that led inevitably to his death …

When I wrote that, I had not performed an autopsy on Michael Jackson nor read any autopsy report, and I knew less about Jackson than just about anyone in America. Yet the leaked official autopsy report, quoted in today’s New York Post, exactly echoes what I said yesterday:

[T]he disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he’d been in terminal decline for some years.

Meaning, the plastic surgery itself was so drastic, it so degraded his body, that it doomed him to an early death, just as I said. Even the autopsy’s phrasing, “[T]he disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he’d been in terminal decline for some years,” precisely echoes mine: “His transformation of himself, via horrifying plastic surgery … left Jackson disintegrating physically and emotionally during his last 15 years … the decline that led inevitably to his death…”

Here’s the Post’s article:

June 29, 2009

An autopsy on Michael Jackson revealed that the King of Pop’s emaciated body was riddled with needle marks and scars, and his head was virtually bald, it was reported today.

Jackson’s body had wasted away to a mere 112 pounds, and his stomach was completely empty except for partially dissolved pills, according to the London Sun.

His hips, thighs and shoulders were covered with needle wounds, believed to have come from shots of painkillers, and he was wearing a wig when he was found because his hair had been reduced to a “peach fuzz” on his scalp, the report said.

“He was skin and bone, his hair had fallen out, and he had been eating nothing but pills when he died,” a source close to the singer’s entourage told the paper.

“Injection marks all over his body and the disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he’d been in terminal decline for some years.”

There were four fresh injections around his heart, presumably from attempts to pump adrenaline into it to jumpstart it, the paper said.

Three of them had penetrated and damaged his heart wall, while a fourth struck his ribs, the paper reported.

He also sustained several broken ribs while authorities administered CPR during his final moments Thursday.

Jackson had one spot above his left ear that was scarred and completely bald—the apparent result of burns sustained when his hair caught fire while he was filming a Pepsi commercial in 1984.

He also had numerous other scars, apparently from plastic surgery.

In addition, he had mysterious bruises on his knees and shins and cuts on his back, possibly indicating a recent fall, the paper said.

Jackson has had two autopsies performed on him: one by the Los Angeles coroner and a private one requested by the family.

The details leaked came from the official autopsy. The Sun didn’t say how it got the information.

Meanwhile, the cardiologist who was Jacko’s private doctor and performed CPR on him did it the wrong way, a Jackson family confidant claimed yesterday.

Dr. Conrad Murray found Jacko on the floor in his rented Los Angeles mansion and put him in a bed, the source said.

Medical experts say that compressions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation must be performed on a hard surface.

“Michael was on the floor first, and they put him on the bed, and then started compressions on the bed,” said the source, who had spoken to a Jackson relative. “What kind of doctor is that?”

In a transcript of the 911 call, the person seeking help says Jackson is “on the bed.” The dispatcher says, “OK, let’s get him down to the floor.”

Edward Chernoff, a lawyer for Murray, yesterday said the doctor found Jackson in his bed with a faint pulse.

Chernoff told The Associated Press that Murray was at the pop icon’s mansion Thursday afternoon when he discovered Jackson and immediately began administering CPR.

“He just happened to find him in his bed, and he wasn’t breathing,” the lawyer said. “Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse.”

Murray, who spoke to cops for three hours on Saturday, is a licensed MD and specializes in cardiology, although he is not board-certified.

Jackson hired Murray last month as he prepared for a grueling 50-date concert series in London that had been set to start in July.

Chernoff also said Murray never prescribed or gave Jackson the powerful painkillers Demerol or OxyContin. He denied reports suggesting Murray gave Jackson an injection of Demerol shortly before his death.

“Dr. Murray has never prescribed nor administered Demerol to Michael Jackson,” Chernoff said. “Not ever. Not that day. Not OxyContin for that matter.”

Additional reporting by Ed Robinson

[end of Post article]

* * *

If Jackson had heeded the message of Bob Dylan’s 1965 song, “Queen Jane Approxiately,” he might have opted out of the drastic plastic surgery that ultimately caused his ruin:

When all of your advisors heave their plastic (surgery)
At your feet, to convince you of your pain,
Trying to prove that your conclusions should be more drastic
Won’t you come see me, Queen Jane?
Won’t you come see me, Queen Jane?

But could he have avoided that surgery, and still been … Michael Jackson? As I said yesterday,

the things that went wrong with Jackson were the very things that made up his stardom and success…. The artificially created freakiness that left Jackson disintegrating physically and emotionally during his last 15 years had been intrinsic to his persona and to his phenomenal popularity in his heyday.

Here’s how Jackson looked in his teens, before the surgery:


Evidently he felt that his dark, Negroid skin and, well, huge nose did not fit the image he wanted to have. Perhaps he was in anguish at being in a body that didn’t fit his inner sense of himself. So, convinced of his pain, he opted for the horror of changing his entire body through surgery.

There are several photos in the Mail article showing the post surgery Jackson of more recent years. As we can see in the photograph with his then wife, Marie Presley (who I have to say is very sexy in this photo), we can see that he had turned his once extremely wide, massive nose into almost no nose at all.


In the photo with his two children by his second wife Debbie Rowe, who is white, we can see that not just his face, but his neck and arms, are the color of a Caucasian; indeed he is noticeably lighter than his two tan race-mixed children. Look at his arms compared to his daughter’s arms.


And now compare his completely Caucasian skin color here with his normal Negro skin color in the first photo above. How was such a thing possible? How was the thick, darkly pigmented skin of a black person changed to the thin, rosy skin of a white person? Whatever Jackson did to himself, it was too drastic.

- end of initial entry -

LL writes:

Isn’t it interesting how, like OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson is now being so enthusiastically embraced by the black community when it appears that his closest adult friends were white (Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli) and he wanted so much to have Caucasian children that he didn’t even have his own semen used to impregnate his offspring’s birth mother? (While his children are darker-complected than he—Good Lord, your average albino is darker!—they don’t appear “mixed-race” to me.) Also, as with OJ, blacks are brooking no mention of his tawdry inclinations, self-righteously reminding everyone that he was acquitted of child molestation charges. [LA replies: I wondered about that. Considering that Jackson was of average black hue before his lightening, his half black, half white children seem too light. Hmm.]

I can’t wait for the hagiographers to recede so that the media feel emboldened to replay the very enlightening documentary by Martin Bashir, which shows this lying self-absorbed freak’s true colors (pun very emphatically intended). The vulgar shopping sprees, the brazen falsehoods about his surgeries, the patently unbelievable assertion that he fathered his children the old-fashioned way—and, of course, the startling footage with his 13-year-old accuser, who cuddles next to Jackson and rests his head on his shoulder like a schoolgirl in the throes of first love. The man was a grotesquerie, and that his face was so damaged—at his own behest—seems a fitting manifestation of what he really was. Latter-day Dorian Gray, if you will.

Stephen T. writes:

It’s striking to me the way nobody in the media (much less the black community) will ever just come out and admit what is so plainly the entire intent of Michael Jackson’s lifetime of plastic surgery: An obvious and desperate attempt to make himself look white, period. Every aspect of his surgery—the nose job, the bleached skin, the straightened hair, the elevated cheekbones—is nothing whatsoever but a denial of his African genetics and a targeted attempt to erase all evidence of it. But nobody will ever say or write that!

I wonder if a high-profile white decided to stain his skin chocolate brown, flatten and broaden his nose, and make his hair kinky and bushy, people would be so reticent to conclude that he must be ashamed of, and repulsed by, his whiteness and desperately longing to identify with blacks instead?

Philip M. writes from England:

You wrote:

“I wondered about that. Considering that Jackson was of average black hue before his lightening, his half black, half white children seem too light. Hmm.”

Come on, there’s no doubt about it! They can’t be his children, there’s no way those children are mixed race!

This has been bugging me all week. The only people at work who can see what I mean are blacks. All the whites are so race-blind they honestly seem not to find it strange that a black man can have white children. I wish the newspapers would stop perpetuating the obvious lie that those are his children.

In light of this fact they should not be sent to live with Jackson’s black parents (their ‘grandparents’). They must already be mixed-up enough as it is.

LA replies:

They’re not simply white, they have the tan of mixed race children. but they’re not dark enough to be his. And, indeed, they are not his, as their mother has explained.

LA continues:

Looking at them again, I take back what I said. They are tan, but they could be all white. I initially was thinking of someone like the singer Mariah Carey who is tan and basically Caucasian looking, but who has a slightly Negroid cast to her features and is indeed part black. These kids could have a slight Negro component like Carey, or they could be all white.

LA continues:

According to Wikipedia,

Mariah Carey was born in Huntington, Long Island, New York. She is the third and youngest child of Patricia Carey (nee Hickey), a former opera singer and vocal coach of Irish descent, and Alfred Roy Carey, an aeronautical engineer of Afro-Venezuelan descent.


Carey is tan, and has somewhat Negroid features. She is obviously not of unmixed European ancestry.

How does that compare to Jackson’s children? They are tan, but do not have any noticeable African features. But to me, they look slightly race-mixed.

Philip M. replies to LA’s first reply:
Noooo! Not you too! Now they’ve bodysnatched Lawrence Auster! One of the kids is blonde! I am the last sane white man on the planet!

I was looking at pics of them in the paper today—they wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Lebensborn program, I’m tellin’ ya!

LA replies:

Phil, I hate to shock you, but there are half-Negro people with blond hair. I knew a girl when I was 15 who was two quarters Negro, one quarter American Indian, and one-quarter German, and she had olive skin and blonde hair. Therefore there could certainly be people who are one quarter or one eighth black who have blonde hair.

Philip replies to LA’s second reply:
Well, I’d sign all of ‘em up for the BNP in an instant. :)

It’s 2 am. Time to thrust my hips, grab my crotch and moonwalk off to beddie-byes.

Brandon F. writes:

I don’t see a trace of African in these kids. It looks like the one in the foreground is Photoshopped in the pic. Michael Jackson wanted to be white and he wanted white kids. I read a story once that he wanted a white boy to play him in a movie.


LA replies:

I can’t disagree with you re this photo.

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