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While I have been unable since Monday afternoon to get into VFR’s editing pages or start a new entry by my usual methods, I just happened, by accident, upon a kind of backdoor way of editing existing entries and posting new ones. As I announced at The Thinking Housewife on Wednesday, my hosting service,, has told me that in order to get VFR back to normal functionality, the Movable Type software that runs the blog must be upgraded. On Tuesday I was working on that, but realized that the job is beyond my abilities and that I need an expert to do it for me.

However, it’s not just a question of upgrading Movable Type, because, as Hostica’s tech support person informs me, even if MT is upgraded that may not fix the underlying problem, which, he says, is due to MT itself, namely that it has scripts which consume far too much resources. When I asked him, “If MT, which is a major blogging platform, is so troublesome, how could anyone use it?”, he replied, to my astonishment, that I am the only customer he knows of at Hostica who uses MT. The others mostly use WordPress, and he strongly advised me to switch to WordPress. However, that is not an attractive prospect, as it would involve redesigning the blog from the bottom up, its appearance, colors, layout, masthead, fonts, links, everything—a big job which it is the further thing from my mind to get involved in at this point.

So the hope is that upgrading MT will solve the problem, or, if not, moving to a different hosting service which can handle MT. I don’t want to go into more details than that at the moment, except to say that I am in touch with people who can help, and I hope that the problem can be fixed in the next day or two. In the meantime, as the existence of this entry shows, the site is again (sort of) functioning and I should be able to keep it active, though at a slower pace than usual (though for all I know it could stop functioning again at any time), until the situation is resolved. Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern.

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