A sign of salutary ego de-inflation in the White House?

Carol Iannone writes:

Looking over recent photographs, I see that Michelle Obama is wearing more outfits with sleeves. She hasn’t abadoned sleeveless entirely but there are definitely more dresses with sleeves. At the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this week she even had a black silk leotard-type top under the same sleeveless dress she wore at last year’s January speech to both Houses, when she was the only sleeveless woman in the chamber. I think this is a good sign, a sign of increasing humility, a sign of being more sober. It could also mean that she’s tired of being cold in all these big drafty places.

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February 6

Carol Iannone writes:

I would add about Michelle Obama, how she said in an interview with Matt Laurer, “I’m not that interesting. Barack is not that interesting.” This seems part of the new-found humility, they are not the Second Coming.

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