The real cause of Lindsay Lohan’s self-destructive behavior: the Jews did it

Richard Hoste is an editor and leading contributor at Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right website, and the author of that site’s introductory essay, “Why an Alternative Right is Necessary,” when it was launched earlier this year. In a current entry at his own site, Hoste writes:

Lindsay Lohan’s Jewish Girlfriends

Lindsey Lohan might be the most beautiful woman in the world. Unfortunately, society has destroyed her.

Indicative of her mental illness is her attraction to Jewish lesbians. First there was Samantha Ronson. Now there’s an Israeli girlfriend who used to be in the IDF. This one at least looks like a woman, but there’s something disturbing about this woman violating the American taxpayer, Palestinian land and then finally this vulnerable Nordic beauty. Lohan should’ve been married off to a freckled innocent boy at 16 and have had several children by now. Instead, she’s the plaything of Zionist lesbians.

It’s wild. Here is the most deliberately, relentlessly, and unrepentantly self-destructive public individual in America, but Hoste thinks that it’s “society” and “Jewish lesbians” that have destroyed her—that she is a “vulnerable Nordic beauty” being manipulated and brought down by evil Jews.

In fact, Hoste’s construction of the Lindsay Lohan story is right out of Wagner’s Götterdämmerung (The Twilight of the Gods), in which Siegfried, the magnificent, blond, but also innocent and naive, Nordic hero is destroyed by the low and repellent but crafty Nibelungen, as represented by Hagen, the son of the Nibelung Alberich. As Wikipedia summarizes it:

[Act 1] begins in the Hall of the Gibichungs, a population dwelling by the Rhine. Gunther, lord of the Gibichungs, sits enthroned. His half-brother and executive servant, Hagen, advises him to find a wife for himself and a husband for their sister Gutrune. He suggests Brunnhilde for Gunther’s wife, and Siegfried for Gutrune’s husband. He reminds Gutrune that he has given her a potion that she can use to make Siegfried forget Brünnhilde and fall in love with Gutrune; under its influence, Siegfried will win Brünnhilde for Gunther. Gunther and Gutrune agree enthusiastically with this plan.

Siegfried appears at Gibichung Hall, seeking to meet Gunther. Gunther extends his hospitality to the hero, and Gutrune offers him the love potion. Unaware of the deception, Siegfried toasts Brünnhilde and their love. Drinking the potion, he loses his memory of Brünnhilde and falls in love with Gutrune instead. In his drugged state, Siegfried offers to win a wife for Gunther, who tells him about Brünnhilde and the magic fire. They swear blood-brotherhood (Hagen holds the drinking horn in which they mix their blood, but he does not join in the oath) and leave for Brünnhilde’s rock. Hagen, left on guard duty, gloats that his so-called masters are unwittingly bringing the ring to him (Hagen’s watch).

So, just as the Nibelung Hagen—and the Nibelungen of course represent the Jews—gets possession of the mind of the blond innocent hero Siegfried and makes him fall in love with the half-Nibelung Gutrune and forget his pure and deep love for Brünnhilde, thus bringing on his betrayal of her and the ensuing cosmic disaster, evil Jewish lesbians gained possession of the mind of the innocent freckled blond beauty Lindsay Lohan and turned her into a manically self-destructive lesbian, making her forget her natural role as the bearer of a brood of blond freckled children and thus bringing on, in miniature, the fall of the Nordic race.

Of course none of this has anything to do with anti-Semitism, and it is an outrageous and baseless lie to suggest that it does, as Dennis Mangan, the assiduous defender of Alternative Right, is sure to inform me in the next 24 hours.

By the way, Lohan is not Nordic, as her background appears to be Irish-Celtic. Nordics are Germanic; Celts are not Germanic, therefore they are not Nordic. A pretty crude error for a writer whose specialty is race.

The Hoste item was brought to my attention by a reader who wrote:

As I said before, I used to be a supporter of Richard Hoste as I thought he was an intellectually capable individual who harbored only the slightest ire towards Jews. But in general, I surmised he was mostly reasonable and able to parse out emotional-filled rhetoric from actual substance in regards to Jews.

In the past few months, the guy has really gone off the deep end. Here’s his latest post on Lindsay Lohan which is just pure idiocy motivated by Jewish hatred. There’s not even a semblance of any actual thought other than “Lohan had two Jewish gf’s and this is justification for why I hate Jews.”

And in recent posts, he’s called himself increasingly anti-Zionist, groused about those poor Palestinians, and basically called Israel an enemy of the U.S. The guy has turned into a psycho.

It’s a shame because I actually used to respect him.

- end of initial entry -

James P. writes:

Hoste may imagine he’s being original in blaming Lindsay Lohan’s corruption on the Jews. But Hoste’s construction of Lindsay’s story is not so much from Wagner, but from Julius Streicher. The Jewish plot to seduce and destroy innocent blond German womanhood was a staple of Der Sturmer—see this and this and this.

The inimitable Richard Hoste writes:

Subject: You’re an idiot

Who said that Jews were at fault for Lohan’s condition? Indicative of her mental illness is her attraction to Jewish lesbians. You directly quote it yourself! Can you read? Are you getting lazy with your dissimulation? Or do you simply see the word “Jew” and start foaming at the mouth and typing away?

LA replies:

To be called an idiot by the stupidest individual in the right-wing blogosphere is a heady experience. (On the subject of Mr. Hoste’s Mount Rushmore-scale stupidity, see this, this, and this).

Here is what Mr. Hoste wrote:

[T]here’s something disturbing about this woman [the Israeli lesbian] violating the American taxpayer, Palestinian land and then finally this vulnerable Nordic beauty.

If the Israeli lesbian violated the “vulnerable Nordic beauty” Lohan, that means that the Israeli lesbian did something to the vulnerable Nordic beauty without the vulnerable Nordic beauty’s consent. Repeat: Mr. Hoste said that the Israeli lesbian “violated” Lohan. I paraphrased that as ” … Jewish lesbians have destroyed her.” It seems to me that I correctly characterized Mr. Hoste’s statement, and that if there is someone who has not read Mr. Hoste’s statement before typing away about it, it is he.

Also, Mr. Hoste said that “society has destroyed” Lohan, which indicates that it is not she who had harmed herself (through her sick attraction to Jewish lesbians), but forces outside herself, which in turn lines up with his statement that Jewish lesbians, agents outside herself, have violated her. Furthermore, Mr. Hoste thinks that our society is to a very large extent controlled by Jews. So when he says that “society has destroyed her,” he means, at least in large part, that it is the Jews who have destroyed her, by corrupting her with a sick attraction to lesbians. So, whether, as Mr. Hoste puts it in one part of his blog entry, Lohan initiated her self-destructive relationships with Jewish lesbians (“Indicative of her mental illness is her attraction to Jewish lesbians”), or whether, as he puts it in another part of the entry, Jewish lesbians violated her, my characterization of his statements (that Jews have “destroyed her”) is correct.

Another reader writes:

Richard Hoste’s post and follow-up denial is a standard tactic among the Jew-bashing wing of the paleocon Right. They typically avoid saying anything blatantly anti-Semitic, like “The J00s did it!”, and yet constantly bring up Jews and portray them in an antagonistic light.

Richard Hoste had no need to bring up the Jewish nature of Lohan’s lesbian girlfriends. He could have left it at girlfriend and his main point would have been taken. Yet in a same article that decries white female celebrity decadence, he brings up not only the national background of the lesbian girlfriend, but also the fact that she served in the IDF. What does that have to do anything? If Lohan slept with a lesbian that served in the Marines, would that be relevant? Would Richard Hoste write that Lohan is violated by American Marine lesbians?

In his sentence he manages to equate Lohan’s self-destruction with Israel’s fight with Palestine, as if they are parallel conflicts. It’s very obvious what he has in mind when he writes such things.

M. Jose writes:

So what Hoste is saying is:

“Yikes! Lindsey likes dyke kikes!”

I’m sorry, but someone had to say it.

On a serious note, I would point out that even if we were to take at face value Hoste’s claim that he never said that Jews were spoiling Ms. Lohan, he clearly implies that a major aspect of her dysfunction is philosemitism, which is hardly better.

Alexis Zarkov writes:

It seems to me that Richard Hoste is engaging in the crudest form of anti-Semitism. In Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf, we find,

With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people. With every means he tries to destroy the racial foundations of the people he has set out to subjugate. Just as he himself systematically ruins women and girls, he does not shrink back from pulling down the blood barriers for others, even on a large scale. It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master.

The defilement of Nordic women by the Jews is a constant theme in Hitler’s writings. Hoste has gone off into the abyss.

Also, Mr. Auster writes, “Nordics are Germanic; Celts are not Germanic, therefore they are not Nordic.” Go here and click on 237 BC. The Celts clearly inhabited southern Germany as well as the British Isles. This source says the Celts in Britain came from Halstatt Germany. I’m taking the term “Germanic” to mean those tribes who inhabited northern Europe. See here.

LA replies:

Having lived in Germany at some point does not make a group “Germanic,” In fact, the Celts are said to have occupied much of central Europe, not just a part of Germany, for centuries before some of them went to the British isles around 500-300 B.C. It’s hard to understand what the Celts were. For example, the non-German part of the population of France is said to be Celtic. But the Celtic French don’t look anything like the Celtic Irish.

In any case the Celts are not considered a Germanic people.

July 17

The same reader who wrote the comment beginning, “Richard Hoste’s post and follow-up denial is a standard tactic among the Jew-bashing wing of the paleocon Right,” wrote:

It’s a shame that Richard Hoste is making such outlandish claims, because his article does underscore a very important topic: young whites (not just “Nords”) are living very decadent lives and not having children in sufficient numbers to sustain our population. While I’m not sure if breeding a whole brood is advantageous (especially at 16), children are the future of our people, and Richard Hoste jeopardizes any attempt at correcting this problem by associating the discussion with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The truth is that only Lindsey is responsible for her lifestyle, no one is forcing her to live the way she does. The sad part is that many young whites are making poor decisions and ignoring God’s first instructions to mankind.

LA replied:

I’m not sure about posting this, since it seems to me that the question of white birth rates is really a passing point in Hoste’s post.

Reader replies:

I brought it up because besides Hoste’s frustration with Lohan’s lack of Nordic children, white birth rates and breeding large amounts of progeny are regular topics in Hoste’s articles. A lot of anti-Semites and sympathizers also pay attention to this very important issue, and my comment was sort of a challenge to them, since they seem determined to tie the birth rate issue with Jewish conspiracies. And they ignore the consequences. Hitler himself cursed Germany’s current birth rate. Because of his lebensborn program, whenever Germans like Eva Herman bring up the birth rate issue, Germans think not of happy families but of death camps and ovens. And Richard Hoste, who claims to care about this issue, will not succeed in convincing white girls to have babies, since when they hear his rants on Jews and Israelis, Der Sturmer/Auschwitz will probably be the first thing that comes to their minds.

I don’t think any of these Jew-haters will ever think about the consequences of their poison.

LA replies:

Correct. And why is this so? Because, as I’ve said so many times, the anti-Semites hate the Jews more than they love the things that they profess to love.

It’s analogous to Arafat and the “peace” process. In 2000 he turned down the offer from Ehud Barak to establish a Palestinian state on 97 percent of the West Bank, by far the best deal the Palestinians could ever hope to get from Israel. Why? Because Arafat didn’t want a Palestinian state and peace with Israel. He wanted to continue to wage a war of annihilation against Israel. That’s what he lived for. Had he accepted peace with Israel, his life would have become meaningless to him.

Similarly, the anti-Semites really have no positive beliefs, they have no vision of a good society they want to achieve. The things they profess to believe in, such as white preservation and stopping nonwhite immigration, are in reality merely fronts to justify their anti-Semitism. It is their opposition to the Jews that is the organizing idea of their lives, and without it their lives would become meaningless to them.

For example, Kevin MacDonald professes to care about stopping mass non-European immigration, and blames the Jews for favoring it; indeed, Jews’ supposed primary responsibility for America’s ruinous immigration policies is MacDonald’s prime stated reason for his anti-Jewishness. But consider this: have you ever seen an article by MacDonald where he criticizes Third-World immigration apart from the Jews’ role in promoting it? I’ve never seen one. He only brings up the immigration problem in the context of, and as a pretext for, attacking Jews. This shows that MacDonald is not really concerned about non-European immigration. Rather, he uses that issue to justify his anti-Semitism.

If MacDonald’s defenders can point to a single MacDonald article over the last 15 years where he criticizes non-European immigration in and of itself, without bringing up the Jews as the responsible party, then I will admit that my last point is incorrect. I don’t think they will find one.

Paul T. writes:

You wrote: “the anti-Semites hate the Jews more than they love the things that they profess to love.”

This is exactly right, and I’ve never heard it put so precisely. Bravo!

LA replies:

Thank you. And I could expand it as follows, though perhaps at the cost of brevity and clarity:

The anti-Semites hate the Jews more than they love the things that they profess to love, and that they profess to be defending from the Jews.

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