The alien who shapes our opinion

A few weeks ago I said that Fareed Zakaria was naturalized three years ago. That was incorrect; he was naturalized in 2001. Here is an article he wrote in Newsweek about his naturalization—an article in which, as I point out, he expresses not the slightest affection for this country. And why should he express affection for it, given the circumstances both of his coming here (as part of a vast immigration tsunami that is changing America from a white European country to a nonwhite, non-Western country) and of his rise to prominence here (as the fashionable spokesman of the “post-American,” post-white future)?

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Bud S. writes:

These guys come here because of what white people built and accomplished. He didn’t come here for the accomplishments of HIspanics or blacks. He did not choose to relocate to the Sudan. And now he’s preaching to whites what they should do. Where was he when they did all these marvelous things that drew him here?

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