Ali says America must free Muslim women

DP writes:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls on Americans to fight for the human rights of Muslim women.

Exactly what you predicted years ago.

LA replies:

This is from the account of Ali’s talk at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in the student newspaper quoted in the linked item at Jihad Watch:

She issued a call to action for all Americans to fight against what she views as a human rights violation, stating the issue is more significant than most people realize.

“We must use intelligence and reason to confront what I see as one of the world’s greatest inequalities: the treatment of Muslim women. This inequality is not only a moral tragedy, but is a threat to global peace.”

How are “all Americans” going to fight for the rights of 600 million Muslim women? Does she say? Does she want America to invade and occupy all Muslim countries and impose American-style feminism there? Or does she want America to admit all 1.2 billion Muslims in the world into America (we couldn’t just admit all Muslim females, we’d have to admit their male relatives as well), and then assimilate them into the feminist order, turning the 600 million Muslim women into feminists while keeping control of the 600 million men who are trying to kill them ?

I see that DP has commented in that Jihad Watch thread and mentioned my past criticisms of Ali for expecting America and the West to safeguard the rights of Muslim women.

DP writes:

“We cant even protect Christians in Iraq, even at the time when we had total authority. How on earth are we defend Muslim women in Islamic countries, beats me.”

A good question. But no one in the thread replies to it. Robert Spencer’s commenters are not interested in the meaning of Ali’s substantive position. Their entire focus is on the Muslim protesters at the university who disrupted her talk.

And that’s as far as the thought process of 99 percent of American “conservatives” goes: If Muslim radicals are against Person X, then the conservatives side with Person X. The conservatives never think about what Person X is actually saying. It doesn’t occur to them to think about it. The target of my enemy is my heroine, and no critical questioning of my heroine’s position is allowed.

February 7

Ferg writes:

You write:

Does she want America to invade and occupy all Muslim countries and impose American-style feminism there?

You have to admit that would be sweet revenge. :-)

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