A reader discouraged by the war on the white race

Sophia A. writes:

I love reading your blog, I really do.

But it, and the objective realities it reports on, are making me mentally anguished.

I can keep my balance when considering things like war and taxes. These are, obviously, major and overwhelming issues. What can be more important than war? Or the power of the government to tax?

What drives me over the edge, to anguish, is the racial situation in our country. I see it as contaminating everything. I mean: everything.

For example, I wrote you about the World Series. I haven’t paid attention to baseball in years and it was really only by accident that I happened to tune it in this year. I enjoyed the games and was happy that San Francisco won, because they looked like a bunch of sweet young fellas. I found their youth very touching.

But then PBS re-ran Ken Burns “10th Inning,” with its Burnsian obsession with evil white racism, and the whole thing turned sour. I said to myself, “is anything exempt?”

My answer is: no. We are living in a racially totalitarian nightmare. Just because our society doesn’t resemble phenotypically the totalitarian nightmares of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Communist China is meaningless. The genes are the same: control over speech, thought, and the extinguishing of the personage of the heretic. Just look at James Watson. If you can do that to a Nobel Laureate, you can do it to anyone.

Perhaps I am exaggerating. Perhaps. What I do know for sure is that I’m not doing myself or anyone else favors by driving myself into the slough of despond. I’m taking a break.

So, I bid you adieu, Lawrence, for the nonce. THANKS FOR YOUR GOOD WORK. Keep it up and most important, keep your chin up.

LA replies:

I understand. These are difficult, painful issues to deal with. We all need breaks from time to time. I took me years to get around to writing The Path to National Suicide because the subject was so traumatic to me.

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