Are we sure that Cain won’t end up as a race man?

Jillian J. writes:

Herman Cain seems like a nice man. The problem I have with him is Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Is he like them, or is he another Clarence Thomas?

The Christians Citizen website for Herman Cain for President 2012 has this information:

He has made the cause of civil rights a major issue. He favors Federal Government intervention in the work place on the behalf of blacks and minorities. In Cain’s 2004 Senate race he was endorsed by Rainbow PUSH.

Here’s something you wrote in 2008:

And on the black thing, both Rice and Powell made a show of being transracial circa 1990, but it wasn’t deep. As the years passed, they both became more and more publicly identified with blackness.

I don’t want another black president. I’m afraid that when he wakes up every morning he looks in the mirror and sees a black man, and that if he became president he would end up pushing the black agenda. Does that make sense?

LA replies:

It’s an excellent question and it needs to be asked and we need to look at what Cain has really stood for regarding race over the decades to try to determine if he is in reality another Powell and Rice.

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Paul M. writes:

I have two reservations about supporting Cain.

First, I hate the way so many conservatives try to prove to liberals they are not “racists” by hiding behind token minorities. We shouldn’t care what liberals think of us. If I called a liberal a “traitor,” I doubt that he or she would lose any sleep over it. Moreover, liberals will call us racists no matter what we do, since that’s one of the few remaining arrows in their quiver.

Second, two black presidents in a row would be just one more nail in the coffin of straight white Christian men. I’m worried that after two black presidents, we will have no option but to elect the first woman president, the first Hispanic president, the first Asian president, the first American Indian president, the first Indian-American president, the first Jewish president, the first Moslem president, the first openly homosexual president, the first transgendered president, the first single mom president, the first….

You get the idea.

However, I am not terribly concerned about Cain. He not only has zero foreign policy experience, but it is my understanding his foreign policy campaign position is that he’s not going to take a foreign policy campaign position until he has all the information at his disposal that someone in the government would have. If he becomes the front-runner, he’ll be skewered on the same spit as Sarah Palin was.

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