It’s good that Obama’s on vacation, he stops giving speeches about the economy that make the stock market go down

Jim C. writes:

Bad for Barry when the HUFFINGTON POST publishes one of Bill O’Reilly’s best pieces on Obama’s incompetence.

LA replies:

I happened to see O’Reilly last night, and that bit on Obama was ok. But, overall, what a dreadful program, and what a dreadful host. In the annals of human narcissism, has there ever been a middle aged man so in love with himself?

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James P. writes:

You asked,

“In the annals of human narcissism, has there ever been a middle aged man so in love with himself?”

You mean other than Barack Obama and Bill Clinton?

Paul T. writes:

I nominate Keith Olbermann.

Jeff C. writes:

Am glad that you mentioned O’Reilly’s egotism.

Last night, the worst was his treatment of the Director of Analysis at Stratfor. The O’Reilly web site suggests that he has some sort of business relationship with her organization. The woman had to accept the relationship. She has a depth of knowledge and would have been tremendously interesting to hear, but her “interviewer” had opinions that had to be expressed. Just had to be.

Jim C. writes:

I’m not a big fan of O’Reilly’s, yet I generally find his argumentation reasonable and, on occasion, creative. The segment you referenced was brilliant to the extent that it concisely described why Barry Obama’s economic policy stinks. Can you name another mainstream talk-show host who could have done that?

O’Reilly also has the smarts to pepper his show with resident brains like Charles K., Rove, and Morris, all of whom he’s fond of challenging. Bottom line is that O’Reilly’s talented and has earned his narcissism, unlike our 106 IQ genius leader.

LA replies:

I don’t deny that he has his moments of making cogent arguments, and of having useful, clear exchanges with guests. But even at his best, these good moments make up maybe 15 percent of a show. The rest is a sickening sideshow.

And to say that a man has “earned” his narcissism is not correct. Narcissism is a negative thing. To say that someone has earned his narcissism implies that narcissism is a positive thing.

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