Calling Joel LeFevre, again

As I noted, Joel LeFevre wrote to me last week in response to my request for someone to give me his contact information. He told me that he hadn’t written back to me when a couple of years ago I wrote to him repeatedly on an urgent matter (the “Unofficial Lawrence Auster webpage,” which Mr. LeFevre had created and maintained, had disappeared from the Web) because his server had a problem for a while. Well, I assumed based on his answer that the problem was fixed now. But today I wrote to him on another important matter, and once again the e-mail bounced back with the message that “The following addresses have delivery problems.”

To paraphrase the bard of our time, how many times can a man’s server stop people from communicating with him?

UPDATE: Joel LeFevre has responded, giving me his alternative e-mail addresses.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 19, 2013 01:21 PM | Send

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