The calm, serene face of total depravity

Patrick H. writes:

Whether or not the two black mothers murdered their children or simply neglected them to death, do you not find disturbing, as I do, the expressions on their faces in their mug shots? They look calm, even serene. Not only do they not seem in the least upset that they’re being mug-shot, they seem singularly unperturbed that their children have just died, and horribly too. They look like nothing so much as a pair of princesses, secure in their sense of entitlement, granting the onlooker a momentary audience with their royal highnesses. If I could see beyond the edge of the photos, I would expect to see their hands raised, languidly waving, the only sign that they are aware of the existence of anyone but themselves. I certainly see no evidence of any such awareness in their blank, indifferent faces.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 09, 2011 12:24 PM | Send

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