Carter Strange’s father rushes to forgive his son’s attackers

(Correction, 8:12 p.m.: Carter Strange’s father did not say he forgives the attackers

Steve W. writes

I had an opportunity to review the Today Show interview with Carter Strange and his parents. When I first saw it, I misunderstood what Matt Lauer said (perhaps because I was reading the close-captioning). He actually said that Carter’s father has said that “he finds it hard to find forgiveness in his heart” for his son’s attackers. So the father has not “forgiven” the attackers, as I believed, at least not at this time. On another note, at the start of the segment Matt Lauer says with a straight face that Carter was beaten up by “a fellow group of teenagers.”)

As the below comment suggests, what we are dealing with is not just the continuing racial violence by black youth mobs throughout the country, and the media and police coverup of this racial violence, but with a Linda and Peter Biehl-like response of whites to the racial violence. Remember how Amy Biehl’s parents not only forgave her murderers, but socialized with them and hired them to work for them?

Steve W. writes:

Is the prosecutor’s statement that the attack on Carter Strange was a robbery not a hate crime, worse than the victim’s own father expressing “sorrow” for one attacker’s family, which he did at a bond hearing on June 24, or expressing “forgiveness” for the attackers, which he did this morning during the Today Show interview with Matt Lauer. Incredibly, Lauer then asked Carter if he too “forgave” the brutes who attacked him. Clearly feeling on the defensive, the most Carter could say was that he was trying to put the incident out of his mind. My guess is that he believed—rightly, unfortunately—that his true thoughts and feelings would not be politically correct and that to express them honestly would turn him into the villain. After all, even his own father had succumbed to liberal mind control on this emotionally fraught issue.

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Mark A. writes:

Your comment quoting a July 2008 entry about Amy Biehl intrigued me. I decided to Google her. I didn’t think I could find anything more horrifying that what Kevin V. recounted in his entry, but I found something more horrifying.

From wikipedia:

Four of the men complicit in Biehl’s murder were convicted for it; however, in 1998, several years after the end of Apartheid, all four were pardoned by South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Biehl’s family supported release of the killers, and her father shook the murderers’ hands, stating that The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue … we are here to reconcile a human life which was taken without an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms.”

I am absolutely speechless. I almost threw up when I read this. Is this the same race of people that won World War II? Have whites lost the ability to recognize evil? Based on your teachings about liberalism, I guess they have lost that ability.

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