Science joins Maureen Dowd on the anti-male bandwagon

Ben W. writes:

The past few years I’ve come to regard the project of science as a scam. For example, we have something called quarks—entities with no properties. Amazing.

And now an absolute, foundational truth of biology is being dismissed. The great Y chromosome.

Here is the article Ben sent, from ABC:

Will Chromosome Y Go Bye-Bye?
Is the End of Men Imminent?

What makes a man a man? Socially, that is a complicated question. Genetically, however, it is as simple as a single Y chromosome.

But guys, that chromosome is in trouble.

In a new study, researchers say there is a dramatic loss of genes from the human Y chromosome that eventually could lead to its complete disappearance—in the next few millennia. While the Y chromosome’s degeneration has been known to geneticists and evolutionary biologists for decades, the study sheds new light on some of the evolutionary processes that may have contributed to its demise and posits that, as the degeneration continues, the Y chromosome could disappear from our genetic repertoire entirely….

Ben resumes:

That’s if the bloody thing exists in the first place. First it is what makes a man a man, then it begins to disappear … and then men will have to be redefined as Z chromosomes. The disappearance of the Y chromosome will surely cheer up Maureen Dowd (the disappearance of the white male, a consummation devoutly to be wished). I think science has become one big laughable joke—it has no authority to posit anything or challenge anyone any longer.

Interesting how the Y chromosome starts disappearing as the culture starts disparaging the male. Science, right!

LA replies:

The fact that science is being sytematically misused both by media and by scientists themselves does not mean that the enterprise of science itself is discredited. But I must say that even when science is not corrupted by politics and hype and self-seeking on the part of the scientists (e.g., the Norwegian who made his discovery of the 47 million year old primate “Ida” a much bigger deal than it really was, in order to win fame and money), I think that there is something askew about modern science. But that’s too large a subject for the moment.

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