Englishman asks black man in restaurant if his crying daughter is OK; black man, enraged, stabs Englishman to death.

The murder of 63-year-old Alan Smith in a London restaurant last year suggests yet another item—previously I’ve offered item 10(j)—to be added to John Derbyshire’s important list of things that white people should do or refrain from doing in order to avoid being murdered by blacks:

10(k) If you see a black man with his baby daughter who is crying incessantly, do not walk up to him and ask him if the child is all right. Mind your own business.

Would Rich Lowry say that such advice was “nasty and indefensible” and conclude that anyone who had written such a thing must be separated from National Review? Would Andrew McCarthy, supporting Lowry’s decision, describe the advice as “noxious … racialism” and say that that it was a denial of the belief in the “equal dignity and presumption of equal decency toward every person—no matter what race…”? Would he say that it was “an argument for a priori conclusions about how individual persons ought to be treated in various situations—or for calculating fear or friendship based on race alone” and thus prescribing “the disintegration of a pluralistic society”?

By the way, we know that the accused killer, Matthew Quesada, is black, not, of course, because the story says he’s black, but because his mother, who is shown in a photograph, is black and he’s coyly described as having “distinct Afro style hair.”

The Daily Mail reports:

A father out celebrating his daughter’s birthday was brutally knifed to death in front of his horrified family just because he asked if a crying child was alright, a court was told yesterday.

Alan Smith, 63, was stabbed at least five times as he sat with his partner [sic], daughter and son-in-law in a cafe in east London.

His alleged killer, Matthew Quesada, became enraged when Mr Smith approached him in the BB Cafe to ask if his young daughter, who was crying, was okay, the jury heard.

Quesada responded ‘What’s it to you? What’s it got to f****** do with you?’ before storming out of the cafe.

‘Humiliated and angered’ by what happened and ‘bent on exacting revenge’ Quesada, then aged 25, ran to his girlfriend’s home to drop off the girl and grab a weapon.

With a knife concealed up his sleeve, he then raced after the family as they entered a second diner—the Roma cafe—where they had gone to eat to avoid any further trouble.

It was there that Quesada allegedly launched a ‘frenzied and wordless’ attack, stabbing Mr Smith in the head and body.

As Estelle Jenkins tried to get between her father and his attacker, Mr Smith struggled up from the bolted down table before falling to the floor where he kicked out in a vain attempt to stop the onslaught, the court heard.

Quesada only fled when the victim’s son-in law Mark Jenkins threw a chair at him, halting the attack, as Mr Smith’s horrified partner Denise Facey looked on, the court was told.

As Mr Smith’s life ebbed away an air ambulance doctor had to perform emergency heart surgery on a cafe table that formed a ‘make-shift operating table.’

He was flown to hospital where he died from his wounds, three of which were fatal.

Matthew Quesada’s mother Victoria Passley-Quesada, who is also on trial accused of helping her son in his bid to escape

Matthew Quesada’s girlfriend Maria Brigette who is standing trial alongside him

Quesada, now 26, denies murdering Mr Smith on March 26 last year.

Roger Smart, prosecuting, told the Old Bailey jury Quesada accepts he stabbed Mr Smith and the issue will be his state of mind at the time.

The court heard in the lead up to the alleged murder, Mr Smith was waiting for his family to arrive at the BB Cafe in London’s Leyton when Quesada entered with his crying daughter.

After a few minutes when the crying did not subside and while Quesada washed his daughter’s hands in the sink, Mr Smith approached to ask if everything was alright with the little girl, it was claimed.

However, the father-of-two reacted angrily and tried to push past a waiter to get into the kitchen but was blocked.

He then tried to use the cafe’s phone, but stormed off with his daughter after he wasn’t allowed.

The Old Bailey heard that as Quesada went next door to borrow a phone Mr Smith’s family arrived.

As Mr Smith told them they would eat elsewhere, Quesada was overheard saying ‘I need the piece’ over the phone as he stood glaring as Mr Smith and his family left the cafe.

As they walked off Quesada shouted out: ‘You see. You? I’ll see you.’

Mr Smart said: ‘A warning. A man in an aggressive state. A man humiliated, angered by what had happened inside the BB Cafe, bent on exacting revenge.’

The time between the call and the murder was just four minutes, it was said.

Minutes later he was seen running after Mr Smith and his family as they entered the Roma Cafe on the Lea Bridge Road where they had gone to eat instead.

Mr Smart said: ‘He entered only a minute or so after the deceased and his family had sat down in the cafe and approached the table at which they were all sitting.

‘Mark Jenkins was facing the door to the cafe and noticed Quesada when he approached their table. Mr Jenkins saw that the defendant had hidden a knife inside the cuff of his sleeve.

‘As he got to their table, the defendant leaned across and without uttering a word, lunged at Mr Smith.

‘The defendant attacked Mr Smith in a frenzied knife attack, making a plunging motion and hitting the deceased’s head and body.

‘At this point Mr Jenkins jumped up and stepped away from the table. The defendant repeatedly lunged at Mr Smith across the table hitting him at least five to six times.

Confrontation: The court heard the attack was sparked when Mr Smith asked if the crying baby was alright as he waited to meet his family in the BB Cafe in Leyton

Confrontation: The court heard the attack was sparked when Mr Smith asked if the crying baby was alright as he waited to meet his family in the BB Cafe in Leyton

‘Mr Smith tried to get out from the bolted down table. He managed to get to his feet and his daughter Estelle Jenkins tried to get between her father and the defendant.

‘Mr Smith fell to the floor and kicked out at Quesada, trying in vain to protect himself from the attack.’

Warded off by Mr Jenkins, Quesada was spotted jumping over the back gardens from his girlfriend’s flat before getting into a waiting car and speeding off.

A day later Quesada who had shaven off his distinct Afro style hair and changed his clothes was arrested along with his mother Victoria Passley-Quesada inside her car in south London.

He had on him his British passport, flight details for that day’s flights to Sao Paulo in Brazil, along with a holdall.

His mother Passley-Quesada, 54, of Purley, Surrey, is accused of hiding him from the police, looking up flights, and helping him in his bid to escape.

His girlfriend Maria Brigette, 26, of Hibbard Road, Leyton, east London, is accused of updating him on the police investigation. Both deny assisting an offender.

The trial, expected to last three weeks, continues.

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A female reader writes:

Actually, I think the NRO staff WOULD consider it racist to tell people not to ask a black man if his child is OK, because the NRO staff would consider this incident to be so far from the norm that it qualifies as a random event. You can’t say that only a black man would have done this, because the precise situation has never occurred before, and never will again.

I had a bad experience about 8 or 10 years ago when I suggested to a black man that he take his daughter to the children’s area of the public library while his wife/girlfriend used a library computer. The child was VERY noisy and boisterous, and was preventing the numerous adults in the computer area from reading/concentrating. He became very angry, and his out-of-control loudness was added to that of the child. I then asked the librarian to encourage the man to take the child to the kiddie section (which had toys, books, games, stuffed animals, etc., all brand new as the library had just been remodeled.) The librarian DID speak with him, and he became even angrier, and still did not leave. I realized that I had made a mistake by saying anything, and I left.

GENERAL RULE: Don’t say ANYTHING to a black person about his/her child, unless it is unqualified praise.

LA replies:

The answer to the NRO people’s hypothetical argument is that a very significant number of blacks have a roiling resentment of whites that can be set off by anything. (I think the number is more than Derbyshire’s conservative estimate of five percent.) These blacks already feel that they are being put down by whites in their entire lives. As former football great Jim Brown once told Geraldo Rivera, “Every morning when I wake up I’m thinking about racism.” Many, many blacks are like this. And even for blacks who aren’t that extreme in their feelings, or who look down on whites rather than feeling oppressed by them, for a white man to come over to a black man and suggest that he is not doing a good job with his child is an unbearable insult to his dignity, coming from the race that the black man already feels is putting down his race, or, alternatively, from the race that the black man regards as contemptible unmanly wimps. A white man who has no grasp, even no intimation, of these things is an idiot, is someone too stupid for this world. A race of people that doesn’t understand these things is too stupid for this world.

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