Foretaste of the coming disaster

Read Paul Belien’s horrifying article at The Brussels Journal about Libya’s declared jihad against Switzerland (which has included Libya’s holding of a Swiss businessman as a hostage, alternatively under house arrest and in prison, for the last two years) and about how the EU and the U.S. have sided with Libya and pushed Switzerland to surrender.

Now if the relatively powerless Libya could get the West to fold like a cheap camera (as New York radio host Bob Grant would have put it), and even get it to betray a Western country that was standing up to the Moslems, think what will happen if Iran acquires nuclear weapons. For years, I have written entry after entry saying that the main threat of a nuclear Iran would not be that it would actually destroy Israel (not that Israel should not take seriously Iran’s repeated threats to do so), but that it would have the ability to blackmail Europe and America and intimidate them into doing its will. Because of the failure of the loud-mouthed, empty-suited George W. Bush to take action against Iran notwithstanding his repeated stentorian warnings that Iranian nuclear weapons were totally unacceptable, the only remaining thing standing between us and that horrible future is a military strike by Israel against Iran’s nuclear facilities. The attack may not be enough to destroy the facilities, but could set back the program by years, and even discourage the Iranians from re-starting it. But Benjamin Netanyahu has been so beaten down by Obama’s bullying and the hatred of the “international community” that it seems less and less likely that he will have the will and political support to act.

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