Another naïve white momentarily forgets about the sacredness of blacks, and has her career ruined

Jumper Voula Papachristou has been ejected from Greece’s Olympics team for saying on Twitter,

“With so many Africans in Greece … At least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!!!”

A nothing joke, a garden variety, harmless joke, a joke that does not contain any actual negative statement about anyone, and it gets a woman thrown off her country’s Olympics squad, just before the opening of the Games that she has spent years preparing for.

I did not know that the Greeks were so PC. I thought they were tough types, not hysterical liberal weenies.

As I was reading the story, my jaw was literally (not figuratively) hanging open, not because I was shocked that this would happen, and not because I didn’t know that anyone in a mainstream position who says anything in public under his own name that is in the slightest degree “iffy” about blacks is taking his livelihood and his future in his hands, but because, for a few moments, I was at a loss as to how to respond to it. What do you say about a society (Western society) in which you don’t have to say anything actually negative, anything actually biased about a protected group, particularly blacks, to have your career and place in society destroyed, you just have to tell a garden variety joke? A society in which, even if you issue the most profound apology for your garden variety joke, as Papachristou did, that will not rehabilitate you? No. In liberal society, the society that worships not God but the nonwhite Other, there is no forgiveness.

Hannon, who sent the article, writes:

Further into the article she is quoted citing the basis of regret of those who step out of line with modern liberalism:

“My dream is connected to the Olympic Games and I could not possibly participate if I did not respect their values. Therefore, I could never believe in discrimination between human beings and races.”

These words were to no avail and it seems the whole country wants her disgraced forever. She is also accused of association with an “extremist right wing party,” which I take to be a group that sees “Greeks” as distinct from “world citizens.” Is it universal these days that anyone or any group that advocates immigration controls is “extremist”? With everything else that is going on in that part of the world our friends in Greece are in for a bumpy ride.

LA replies:

Her joke was not an act of discrimination against anyone, it was a joke. At worst it was in questionable taste. But if you mention blacks in any context which has the slightest negative implication (such as referencing the large number of Africans in Greece in any other way than to celebrate them, or to joke about African mosquitos eating African “food”), that is considered discriminatory, and once you have committed a discriminatory act, you are dead meat.

But really this is not about discrimination. it is about the fact that blacks are sacred objects, and you do not make jokes about sacred objects. But this truth, that in liberal society blacks are sacred objects, cannot be stated aloud because it would reveal too much about the liberal order, so instead it is said that we must “never discriminate between human beings and races.”

And there is no mainstream organized resistance to this reign of fear anywhere in the Western world.

- end of initial entry -

Paul K. writes:

This incident suggests yet another rule that whites should follow as they make their way through BRA (Black-Run America), or is it now BRW (Black-Run World)?

Rule 10(r) While it is important for your physical survival to take blackness into account when encountering black individuals or finding yourself in a black neighborhood or at a beach or amusement park with many blacks, when it comes to your social survival you should pretend to be unconscious of blackness. If someone says, “There are a lot of blacks in the park today,” the safest response is, “Really? I hadn’t noticed.” Being aware of race, in any context outside of fulsome praise, is tantamount to racism.

At the same time, it’s of course all right to say, in a tone of distaste and disgust, that the Tea Party is overwhelmingly white, or to speak of the repulsive whiteness of an all-white city.

LA replies:

I will copy this and add it to the entry, “VFR’s rules on how to protect yourself from black violence and white political correctness.”

We should remember that Paul’s rules on how to avoid the punishments of PC apply mainly to people who have a mainstream career or social position and thus are vulnerable to having their lives, prospects, and family well-being severely damaged by even the mildest expression of non-liberal truth about blacks or even, as we see in this case, by a harmless joke about blacks. The rules would not apply to persons who do not have that vulnerability, such as, for example, myself.

Paul K. replies:
I note that some readers are disturbed by these rules, thinking that they show we are caving in to PC and BRA. The point, though, is to show clearly the limits that liberalism has placed on our speech and behavior. Of course it shouldn’t be this way, and it needn’t be this way forever, but it is this way now. And, until we absorb the implications of that fact, we will not resist it. Thus, adding new rules to take into account as-yet-unanticipated restrictions, as after the Voula Papachristou incident, serves to remind us that every day we are surrendering more and more of our liberty.

LA replies:

I just want to repeat Paul’s key idea, that the point of articulating these rules is not only to help protect ourselves from PC, but to dramatize the limits that liberalism has already placed on our speech and behavior.

Gordon writes:

You wrote:

“I did not know that the Greeks were so PC. I thought they were tough types, not hysterical liberal weenies.”

Weenie Nation has no borders.

Reader X writes:

You wrote:

“And there is no mainstream organized resistance to this reign of fear anywhere in the Western world.”

If you look at the comments to the article, almost all of them are in support of her exclusion of the games because of her “racism” and “lack of sensitivity.” So this may be censorship and tyranny, but it has the willing support of a large part of the population of the Western world. “You must love Big Brother. It is not enough to obey Big Brother, you must love him.”

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