Straightening the record on Kevin MacDonald and me

A blogger cheers my article, “Jews: the archetypal multiculturalists,” and says my take on the Jewish people is the same as that of the king of contemporary anti-Semites, Kevin MacDonald. Not at all true. I am highly critical of certain attitudes and political behaviors that are common among Jews. I do not, as MacDonald does, regard Jews as compelled by the deterministic genetic forces of Darwinian evolution to seek to destroy white gentile societies. By contrast, I say that the increasingly venomous anti-majoritarian stance of many Jews in recent decades is a function of the fact that the white gentile majority, starting in the Sixties, abandoned its previous role as the leader of American society, and the Jews, just like other minorities, moved into that vacuum and began seeking power over the majority and over America. I argue that if the white gentile majority re-assumed its historic role as leader and adult in our society, and told the Jews in a firm yet civilized way that their anti-majoritarian statements and agenda are totally unaccepable, the Jews, being rational people, would get the message and change their behavior.

Also, though he ridicules the charge, I say that MacDonald is an exterminationist anti-Semite.

See my 2005 article, “Is my criticism of Jewish attitudes the same as Kevin MacDonald’s?”

But, as I’ve often said, being an anti-Semite (like being a liberal) automatically lowers a person’s IQ by ten or fifteen points. Therefore, despite the facts, the anti-Semites will continue to cheer (or gloat over) the “fact” that Lawrence Auster is Kevin MacDonald’s spiritual twin.

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