A fantastic story that demonstrates in the clearest, most dramatic terms what liberal society is

Karl D. writes:

Here is a news article from the UK telling us about deeds not to be taken with regard to a certain demographic in front of another certain demographic, the latter being liberals of the female variety. An Englishman named Tommy Stapleton was out enjoying himself with friends when he heard screaming. He rushed from the bar and saw an old man being robbed by two Muslims. He chased after one and tackled him. While he was fighting and struggling to pin down this son of Islam, a bunch of women (most likely white) came running from a croissant cafe across the street and started screaming that he was committing a racist attack! As a result of their screaming at him, he lost his focus and the suspect got away. These women’s first thoughts were that their fellow countrymen must have been a horrible racist thug, bashing a poor innocent Muslim man. The indoctrination of the UK is complete.

PS: See the photo of the racist thug. He just screams fascist BNP Nazi doesn’t he?

Tommy Stapleton

Here is the story, from Guardian (a local London paper, not to be confused with The Guardian):

Wanstead man steps in to tackle mugger at Santander cashpoint in Wanstead High Street
1:37pm Wednesday 26th September 2012 in News

A MUGGER was left bloodied and bruised at a high street cashpoint when an onlooker stepped in and gave him a ‘proper hiding’.

Scaffolder Tommy Stapleton, 32, of Dangan Road in Wanstead, was enjoying a Saturday afternoon drink outside Bar Room Bar in the High Street, when he heard screaming and shouting outside the Santander Bank a few doors down.

He said: “Funnily enough I was telling my friend how nice Wanstead was when I saw these guys mugging an old man.

“One of them jumped in a white Nissan GTI and sped off, but the other fellow ran into the road.”

Mr Stapleton dropped his drink and rushed from the bar to confront the remaining mugger.

“I rugby tackled him in the middle of the road,” he said.

“He squirmed away from me, so I just clumped him.”

The struggle attracted the attention of diners at the Nice Croissant Café but, just as Mr Stapleton managed to get a grip on the mugger, a crowd of women rushed out and started screaming at him.

Mr Stapleton said: “Some of them were shouting ‘It’s a racist attack!’ because the guy was Asian.

“I had him pinned down and was screaming at the people in the bar to call the police, but with all these women shouting at me I lost my concentration and let him go.”

The mugger ran off down the High Street toward Christ Church Green, leaving Mr Stapleton clutching his jacket and phone.

He said: “I had some of his blood on my left arm from where I’d punched him and I was trying to explain what had happened to a customer who came out of the British Heart Foundation shop.

“She told me I shouldn’t have got involved. I just said ‘Are you stupid?’

“I was scared of getting in trouble because I gave him a proper hiding, but people should step in if they see something like this happening.”

The cashpoint mugging is the third on the high street in as many weeks which the Guardian has been made aware of.

Mr Stapleton said: “I saw your story a couple of weeks back about the two pensioners getting mugged at cash machines on the High Street and I think it’s disgraceful.

“The robbery squad told me nobody ever gets involved, and thanked me for getting his jacket and phone. They were also able to get some DNA off my arm. The victim was just delighted I helped out.

“Hopefully this little runt has learnt his lesson.”

Both muggers are described as Asian, between 18 and 20, and about 5ft 7in.

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Brett A. writes:

It would have been great if Mr. Stapleton had had the presence of mind to ask those women, “If he were white and I were Asian would you have come out here to his defense?” I think the women would have stopped in confusion at that point since their societal programming doesn’t cover a situation like that.

September 29

Paul K. writes:

How ironic that the image on the shirt of Tommy Stapleton is the famous photo of Churchill handling a Thompson submachine gun. It was taken in 1940, when England faced an imminent Nazi invasion and was taking deliveries of American small arms in order to repel it. Little did Churchill dream that within a few decades England’s leaders would encourage an invasion of their nation by hostile foreigners.


LA replies:

The peaceful invasion by unassimilable (and soon to be hostile) foreigners began immediately after World War II under the Labour government. When Churchill became Prime Minister again in 1951 he was bothered by it, but lacked the will or the political support to do anything about it.

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