Syrian rebels and “Innocence of Muslims”

Daniel S. writes:

Video has surfaced of Syrian rebels and opposition protesters burning American flags (as well as Israeli and Russian flags) and denouncing America for the Innocence of Muslims video. This is the true face of the Syrian rebels and their bloody jihad uprising. It is that of radical Islam and all the violence and hatred toward the West and America specifically inherent in their religious beliefs. After all, they are already murdering Syrian Christians and Druze. Are John McCain and Joseph Lieberman still so eager to arm and empower these people? Are these really who we want running the government in Syria? Why does America insist on empowering its most malevolent Muslim enemies:

LA replies:

The best answer I have is that the democratists are completely inside their anti-reality script. The script goes like this: (1) the Syrian rebels are fighting against a tyrannical ruler, therefore they are “democrats” and represent the forces of good; and (2) America’s role in the world is to foster and spread the good, i.e., “democracy.” The McCains and Liebermans cannot see outside this script. Further, the people who disagree with this script, disagree with it so weakly and tentatively that the resulting “debate” never forces the McCains and Liebermans to face facts that contradict the script. As far as the Republican party is concerned, the neocon position is the only articulated position in existence and therefore the default position. People who are not happy with the neocon position, lack any articulated alternative. They grumble and complain, but that’s all they do. For many years now, the Republican party has been passive and brainless when it comes to foreign policy.

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