How is Obama’s statement that racism is not a factor to be understood?

Van Wijk writes:

From Politico:

“Even though we’re having a passionate disagreement here, we can be civil to each other. And we can try to express ourselves acknowledging that we’re all patriots, we’re all Americans, and not assume the absolute worst in people’s motives,” Obama told Bob Schieffer, host of CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

No, Great Pharaoh. We’re not all patriots. We’re not all Americans. That’s the problem.

It is as you said. These people speak the language of war, then dishonestly deny that they did so when things don’t seem to be going their way. But that doesn’t change the fact that they see us as the enemy.

LA replies

Yes. The Carter, Joe Klein, and other statements looked so bad for the left that Obama had to pull back, even from his own extremely partisan (though not in the Carter and Klein class) statements. Thus the left have lost again as a result of their inability to contain themselves.

Did Schieffer ask Obama if Obama had been civil in his speech to Congress when he described the entire opposition to his proposal as “games”? Does a president expect to lead the country when he describes half the country as unprincipled liars and obstructionists?

It’s amazing how Obama managed with such seeming ease to keep his typical leftist, New York Times-y attitudes toward conservatives in abeyance (for the most part) as a candidate, but once he became president, they’ve come tumbling out.

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Steven H. writes (comment was received sent before Van Wijk’s comment was posted):

I’ve read that Obama is saying that race has nothing to do with the debate about him initiating the first stages of a government takeover of our healthcare system. This is appalling. He sends out all his minions to scream racism and then meekly denounces it so he can look an even bigger victim than when this whole charade began. Sorry Barry, I know what your game is and it doesn’t fool me one bit. It may fool Brit Hume, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer and the like but they are only PC cowards who would throw us under the bus on the first opportunity to come their way. I know that Barack and Michelle are still at heart despicable black liberationists.

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