Pakistani immigrant family wiped out during visit back to Pakistan in payment for son’s adultery

I’ve said many times that by bringing Muslims into the West we are exposing them to non-Islamic influences and temptations which, if yielded to, cause Muslim females to be killed by their relatives for having violated Islamic norms. Thus a Muslim family immigrates into the U.S., their teenage daughter begins, unsurprisingly, to behave most un-Islamically like your average teenage girl in “Sex and the City” America, and her father/mother/brothers murder her to restore the family’s honor. I’ve said that if we really were concerned about reducing the barbaric practice of Muslim honor killing, we would stop the immigration of Muslims into the West, a phenomenon that, given Western cultural realities and Islamic beliefs, makes honor killing inevitable, and certainly would tend to increase the net amount of Muslim honor killing in the world.

Kamar%20Mahmood.jpg Natalie%20Snowden.jpg
Kamar Mahmood and Natalie Snowden: fatal attraction

Now here’s a new twist on that pattern, reported at the Daily Mail (via Jihad Watch). A Pakistani man in Britain, Kamar Mahmood, had an adulterous affair and fathered a child with a non-Muslim English girl, Natalie Snowden, who was 17 at the time, and subsequently separated from his Pakistani wife of nine years, Nabeela. Nabeela’s relatives in Pakistan were so enraged by this shame that the following occurred:

Nabeela’s three brothers and two other men are accused of shooting dead Mr Mahmood’s father Mohammad Yusaf, 51, his mother Pervaze, 49, and sister Tania, 22, who were in Pakistan for the marriage of their youngest son, Asad, 24.

The victims were sprayed with bullets as they prayed at a relative’s graveside in a village in Gujrat province….

According to a relative in Nelson [the town in Lancashire where the family lived], after killing Mr Yusaf and his wife [Kamar’s parents], the gunmen dragged Tania [Kamar’s sister] out of her car and then shot her in the leg.

She was made to call her husband while screaming for help, before being forced to beg the gunmen for mercy so that her husband could hear. She was then shot dead in a hail of bullets as he listened on the phone.

While the deliberate destruction of a family seems unusual, it also makes sense within the shame/honor Arabic ethos which many non-Arab Muslim cultures seem to have imbibed along with Islam. In traditional Arabia, when a member of clan A dishonors a member of clan B, it is understood that clan A as a whole has dishonored clan B as a whole, and that clan B can only regain its honor by wreaking due punishment on clan A.

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