Finally, America is honestly facing its racial problem—blacks are under threat from racist whites!

A reader in England writes:

I know many of your readers have said what I am saying below. I am not adding any new insight. Just letting off steam. But the Trayvon Martin scenario really is incredible. How blind can Americans be? One zillion black on every colour murders every day and they don’t get upset. No marches, no protests, little media coverage, and even that coverage often doesn’t mention the colour of the murderers.

Meanwhile one black youth POSSIBLY killed unjustly by a man who seems Hispanic and the nation is going crazy blaming white racism, white bloodlust etc.

Does 2 plus 2 equal 5? You bet.

Blacks and white liberals still cannot face up to the fact that black/mixed race people commit huge amounts of violent crime. So the first chance they get (in other words a black victim shot by someone many people said was white) they jump on the “whites are racist and want to kill all black people bandwagon.” Even if the killer was inconveniently Hispanic. They are jumping for glee as they now have a murder scenario which proves that they have been right all along about whites and their racism. Never mind the zillion victims of black crime, no Million Hoodie March for them.

Is there a single American who realises the irony involved here? Americans have trouble with irony at the best of times and this scenario is no exception.

Even conservative politically incorrect blacks like Allen West seem to be caught up in the black as victim hysteria while forgetting the huge amounts of black violent crime committed every day.

And of course white liberals can now get back into blame whitey mode. Home sweet home. All those black flash mob incidents and many black on every colour killings had put white liberals on the defensive, but now they can hang their heads high again while blaming white racism and white desire to kill blacks for the ills of society. Glory glory!

LA replies:

The Trayvon Martin hysteria is the latest “shock and awe” assault delivered against us by the new, hyperspeed liberalism that has emerged recently, starting with the contraceptive mandate. While we on the right have been reacting to one black-on-white murder after another which is never reported as such in the media, and the whole phenomenon of black violence remains unspoken, and we have hopefully been looking for any sign that official America would start to recognize the existence of the ongoing black-on-white attacks, suddenly the whole country is crying that blacks are under threat from whites! And Obama tells us that we all have to do some soul searching about our anti-black prejudices and our willingness to kill young innocent blacks!

Orchestrated hysteria about white racism is of course not new, it is standard. But that this particular anti-white symphony should be played NOW, after years of continual black flash mobs, black anti-white wildings, and savage murders of whites by blacks that occur every week and are ignored by the major media—that is something new. It represents a new stage in the madness and power of liberal rule.

LA continues:

May we say, in light of the country’s intense concern about the killing of Trayvon Martin, that we are nation of cowards no more?

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