Whom do I like?

I have often been criticized over the years for being too negative, particularly about other conservatives. My critics have repeatedly said, “Is there anyone you like and admire, other than yourself? Is anyone good enough for you?”

My usual response to this challenge has been as follows: Since our civilization is rapidly committing suicide, and since all the established factions of conservatism, particularly mainstream conservatism, are part of this suicide and are unable to oppose it, it stands to reason that I don’t just criticize liberals, but conservatives as well. While individual mainstream conservatives may be good on discrete issues, the problem is that they only oppose liberalism on those issues while continuing to subscribe to the general liberal premises and beliefs that are leading us to destruction. By calling on me not to be so tough on my fellow conservatives, my critics reveal the extent to which they themselves subscribe to liberalism without realizing it.

However, there was another reply I could have given my critics, which I’ve never given. There are many writers whom I like and admire, who have been indispensable to me and helped shape my understanding and make me what I am. I discuss them in my Reading List, published in 2006.

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Paul Henry writes:

Heck, Larry, you are a softie when it comes to criticizing fellow conservatives. I don’t mean you can’t be tough if you want to be. I mean you never criticize unless it is logical, you do it without rancor, and you do it with the intent of persuading, not badgering. It is a talent to suffer many vicious and stupid attacks and yet respond in an even-tempered manner. I’ve seen many situations in which you could have squashed your adversaries like bugs, and you didn’t do it because it is not in your nature. You would not kick a man if he were down.

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