Blacks looting in the wake of the storm, and displaying the stolen goods on social media

(Note, November 1: A commenter, below, says that the linked article is a fraud.)

Henry S. writes:

“Demarcus” and crew are up to their characteristic behavior: wreaking havoc, and boasting about it.

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November 1

Joseph H. writes:

Henry S. wrote:

“Demarcus” and crew are up to their characteristic behavior: wreaking havoc, and boasting about it.

A quick use of the feature at would reveal that at least one of the images of the alleged looters has been featured in various de-motivational posters online (I will attach the most famous of those posters). VFR readers have a finely-attenuated dowsing rod for black hate crime hoaxes. They might also want to remain skeptical of what to me is an obvious troll job by some young white guys with too much time on their hands. [LA replies: But how obvious is it? You had to do research to discover that the image has been used before.] It’s not that blacks don’t loot, or that they don’t glory in their sin via social media tools, but that is obviously not the case in this instance.

Your first clue that something is amiss: Your source is Alex Jones.

LA replies:

Tell me about Alex Jones.

Joseph H. replies:

He is part of the general dumbing down of American discourse. Much like the reigning conspiracy theorist David Icke (who believes our elite are actually reptilian shape-shifters) much of his rank speculation (always accompanied by an “anonymous source”) could be lifted from old “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” pamphlets or a John Birch barnstorming session, provided one replaces the word “Jew” with “Freemason” or “UFO.” Nothing escapes his ken, from the government’s alleged FEMA camps, to the Bohemian Grove retreat (where Bill Clinton famously remarked the “republicans go to get nekkid (sic) and run around’), to conspiracies regarding the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, he offers wild suppositions, generates hysteria, and fear-mongers in order to sell DVDs.

The cultural critic James Howard Kunstler recently observed that we may be entering a new dark age, despite our vaunted sense of what he calls “techno-triumphalism.” In his words: ” … the mood of humanity lately seems to be darkening again, and to some large degree for understandable reasons … [from] the vulgar spectacle of the paved-over American landscape with its clown monuments mocking all civilized endeavor, and a long list of other insults to healthy life on earth, there’s a lot to be depressed about. We stand to lose a proportional amount of human capital accumulated over the past five hundred years as the benighted people of post-Roman Europe lost, and it may take us a thousand years or more to recover—if we recover at all.”

I think people like Jones, ostensible libertarians very much inclined to the most paranoiac strain of thinking, are doing a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to channeling that “understandable” distress people feel into plots revolving around implacable (and possibly extraterrestrial foes). In other words, he turns political discontentment into its own Pyrrhic form of entertainment. In order that you may draw your own conclusion, however, I will paste a video clip of Jones in full blowhard mode. Take the worst blustering traits of Ed Schultz and Rush Limbaugh, sprinkle in a dash of the kind of inflexible thinking that characterizes the worst (and typically youngest) Ron Paul supporters, and voila, you have Alex Jones.

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