The left and Palin

I am not a Sarah Palin supporter, but I support her when I think she is right, and she was right when she said that the left and the media have been engaging in a “blood libel” against her and Republicans generally. The astounding wickedness of the left, its totalitarian-style mentality, is seen abundantly in this: that after they had been calling Palin an inciter of mass murder for five days, and after she finally replied and named their disgusting smear for what it was, they condemned her for replying. They said she was stirring up trouble! They said she was not getting with the program of civility! In the world as the left sees it, Palin shouldn’t defend herself, she shouldn’t speak, she shouldn’t exist. Or, rather, she is allowed to exist, but only for the purpose of being attacked by the left. She has no right to exist for herself. That is the totalitarian mentality of which I speak.

UPDATE, 9:45 a.m.

Here is a reader’s comment I just came upon at Politico which perfectly illustrates the left’s totalitarian, anti-human mentality I discussed above:

I believe that it is appropriate for Sarah Palin to go on FOX tonight to answer questions about how horrible this Tucson tragedy has been for her. How this has hurt her, how this has hurt her reputation, how she felt when people started calling her names, how she was misjudged, how she was blamed. I mean the way she feels and thinks is the most important thing after all. I mean talk about being a victim. Who else has suffered the way Palin has suffered?

January 17, 2011 at 06:23 PM

According to this commenter, it’s perfectly ok for the entire left to call Palin an inciter of mass murder, but if Palin defends herself, she’s a self-centered, narcissistic, ridiculous person. Meaning: she shouldn’t defend herself. She should just sit there in silence while the entire left calls her a murderer. She is allowed to exist as the left defines her, she is allowed to exist as a hateful, contemptible character in the left’s script; but she is not allowed to exist as a human being in her own right.

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Bjorn Larsen writes:

Right out of the Islamic playbook.

The left has learned well from the Islamists, implementing a form of shariah law for conservatives: “Do not respond to attacks, do not even dare to name the evil that is being perpetrated against you.” Palin should be commended for speaking out and I trust she will continue on this path. The evil ways of the left must be named.

LA replies:

That’s an excellent insight, but I don’t know that this dhimmitude-like system of control and dehumanization originates from or is spread by Islam. Rather, it seems to me that it is a method that is held in common by all groups and belief systems which seek the suppression and destruction of some hated enemy: Communists against property owners and Christians; anti-Semites against Jews; Muslims against non-Muslims; liberals against non-liberals.

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