Pelosi: America’s la Pasionaria, or a leftist robot?

Speaker Pelosi made a very strong statement today that a Scott Brown victory would not prevent the Democrats from passing a health care bill, no matter what. But she didn’t say how they would pass it.

Dolores Ibarruri, “La Pasionaria”

In addition to Nancy Pelosi’s grim and robotic rather than passionate and lively quality, another problem with the analogy between her and La Pasionaria is that it’s not Pelosi and the Democrats, but Scott Brown and the Republicans, who are saying, “No Pasaran!” (They shall not pass!), or, rather, “No pasara!” (It shall not pass!)

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N. writes:

Seeing the image of Dolores Ibarruri reminds me of a couple of works on the Spanish Civil War I read some years back. In a way, the most interesting one was “Siege of the Alcazar” by Cecil Eby. The defenders were reduced to an amazingly abysmal state by the time they were relieved by Franco’s forces, but they still had ammunition and were still resisting the Communist beseigers, although had relief been delayed a few weeks longer the building would have been reduced to rubble by modern artillery finally brought to bear.

This is not to pick sides in the Spanish Civil War. That’s just not worth the trouble, it’s like walking through a minefield at night. Rather, it’s to point to a stubborn, grim defense that succeeded.

LA replies:

Your point is related to Gintas’s post about James Stockdale.

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