Bad news for Barry reaches critical mass

While the knee-jerk dump-on-Obama journalism which has become an industry unto itself has frequently made me skeptical, this piece by knee-jerk Obama-dumper Nile Gardiner in the Telegraph cannot be so easily dismissed. It’s based on five recent news developments, each of which by itself would look very bad for the president, but the totality of which seems devastating. The five developments are:

1. A new Gallup poll suggests the November mid-terms could result in the biggest victory for Republicans in the House since 1894 (when the Republicans won 100 seats).

2. The Senate now hangs in the balance.

3. The economic figures are grim.

4. A quarter of Democrats have turned against the president.

5. George W. Bush is now as popular as President Obama.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 10, 2010 09:31 AM | Send

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