Labor minister reports 8 of 10 working families leaning BNP

Just as the U.S. establishment’s treasonous commitment to open borders has produced a kind of radicalization in popular attitudes toward immigration in America, similar factors are at work in Britain. The British, moreover, unlike the Americans, have an alternative party to which they can turn. Margaret Hodge, the employment minister for the Labor government, tells the Telegraph:

“When I knock on doors I say to people, ‘are you tempted to vote BNP?’ and many, many, many—eight out of 10 of the white families—say ‘yes’. That’s something we have never seen before, in all my years. Even when people voted BNP, they used to be ashamed to vote BNP. Now they are not.” Mrs Hodge said the pace of ethnic change in her area had frightened people. “What has happened in Barking and Dagenham is the most rapid transformation of a community we have ever witnessed.”
In connection with the BNP, a reader had said regarding another blog entry: “I found one thing especially interesting in your post—the recanting of anti-Semitism by anti-Semites, like Nick Griffin. Is it really possible?”

I answered:

That’s a question I’ve asked myself. I am not aware of any previous case in which an individual or party that had previously been seriously anti-Semitic seriously criticized his or its own anti-Semitism. But that does seem to be happening here. How far it will go I don’t know. However, in my view, as long as Griffin associates with David Duke, it hasn’t gone far enough.

That answer relates to how I personally view the BNP. It does not mean I disapprove of British voters gravitating to the BNP. To the contrary. Given the fact that the major parties in Britain are literally committed to destroying the country through immigration and surrender to Islam, and that the BNP is the only political force in the country opposing this, what other choice do they have? I hope the BNP sweeps the local elections.

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