The unhappy warrior

When George W. Bush declared in his 2005 inaugural address that any tyranny anywhere in the world is a direct threat to America’s national interests and must be destroyed, it was nothing less than a recipe for a U.S.-led global tyranny in the name of freedom. However, Bush’s unending-global-war-for-freedom rhetoric was small change compared to the demented effusions of Jeffrey Imm, the liberal anti-hate fanatic who shut down the 2010 American Renaissance conference and is now accusing essentially all opponents of the Ground Zero mosque of extremism and bigotry.

Dean E. writes:

Jeffery Imm is a liberal True Believer and a jabbering generator of sophistry. Skim his writing below—looks like John Galt propounding a revolving list of liberal bumper stickers:

Our Earth belongs to no one person, no one nation, and no one group. Our Earth belongs to all of humanity. All of Earth’s humanity deserves their inalienable human rights of equality and liberty—these are the truths that we must defend around the world. In this shared home of Earth, when our shared human rights are attacked in one place, it is an attack on our rights globally. When our shared human rights are denied by one society, it is a rejection of all of our rights. When a fellow human being is murdered by those against equality and liberty, it is a mortal attack on our brothers and sisters in humanity. What we share in our human destiny of equality and liberty is much larger than our small differences in politics, nationalities, and points of view. An attack on the universal truths of equality and liberty anywhere is an attack everywhere. It is an attack on your human rights. It is an attack on your Earth, your home. It is an attack that will not end with just one closed society, one slave nation, one society of submission—but is nothing less than an ever-growing assault upon freedom around the world. These attacks on equality and liberty demand our consistent defiance and consistent defense of these truths as inalienable human rights for all of humanity everywhere. These attacks are nothing less than an existential war on the meaning of humanity itself. The universality of the human rights of equality and liberty is an essential truth necessary for peace and harmony. Equality and liberty are non-negotiable and universal to all of humanity. Our hope for human peace and harmony can only be found in the defense of these inalienable human rights. We know from history, from reason, and from the truths that we hold self-evident, that there is no peace with those who seek oppression, supremacism, totalitarianism, and submission. They will always want more, and accepting an attack on human rights for some people is accepting an attack on human rights for all people. Peace and harmony among humanity is dependent on our mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance of such universal equality and liberty for all of humanity. The hope for the future depends on our willingness to demonstrate our commitment to such universal truths. These are the truths that we hold self-evident—that all men and women are created equal. We accept the universal truths that all men and women have the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty.

If we accept these universal truths of human equality and liberty, we must live our lives to show that we mean what we say. We must demonstrate that we have the courage of our convictions. Now is the right time to do what is right. Now is the right time to stand united to reclaim all of our Earth, all of our home, for equality and liberty. Now is the right time to be Responsible for Equality And Liberty.

Hard to argue with that!

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