Forget about sloth, lust, envy, and greed—liberal Christian prelates have discovered a new and much worse sin.

Going back some years, the left has said that anyone who doubts the manmade global warming theory is a hopeless idiot who is rejecting that which “all” scientists know to be the truth. But now, even as the global warming orthodoxy has been thrown into profound disarray, the warmists have upped the ante. It’s no longer merely anti-science to doubt global warming; it’s anti-God.

Daniel S. writes:

According to Cardinal O’Brien of Edinburgh, mankind need repent not for rejecting Christ, but for indifference to “climate change”:

Cardinal Keith O’Brien of St. Andrews and Edinburgh has joined other Christian leaders, including Anglican Archbishops Rowan Williams and Desmond Tutu, in calling for repentance over indifference to climate change.

“The likelihood of runaway global warming, which will diminish food security, accelerate the extinction of huge numbers of species and make human life itself impossible in some parts of the world, raises questions that go to the heart of our Christian faith,” the signatories of the Ash Wednesday Declaration state.

“Continuing to pollute the atmosphere when we know the dangers, goes against what we know of God’s ways and God’s will,” the signatories continue, adding:

We are failing to love not only the earth, but our neighbours and ourselves, who are made in God’s image. God grieves over the destruction of creation and so should we. Repentance means finding creative, constructive and immediate ways of addressing the danger. It happens when God’s Spirit enables a change of mind and change of heart, prompting a turn from past wrong and a decision to change direction. For our generation, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels has become essential to Christian discipleship.

So green socialism and globalism are now essential to Christian discipleship? Even though leading scientists have said there is no need for drastic action over “global warming”? This is one of the reasons the Catholic church is in such a spiritual crisis: worldly, liberal priests and bishops more worried about pushing amnesty for illegal aliens or left-wing environmentalism than saving men’s souls. They have traded in the Kingdom of Heaven for the United Nations.

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