Bush critic canned

Unbelievable. Just as I was posting the previous blog entry in which I quoted extensively from Bruce Bartlettís column lambasting President Bush, I was e-mailed a story in Tuesdayís New York Times reporting that Bartlett, because of his criticisms of Bush, has been dismissed from the National Center of Policy Analysis where he has been a senior fellow for ten years. Is VFR on the cutting edge of societal evolution, or what?

In any case, instead of the conservative movement rebelling against Bush as I described, itís more as if the conservative movement is expelling the anti-Bush rebels from its ranks. Where all this will end I havenít the foggiest, except that I canít see how, even if the conservative establishment purges every strong Bush critic, the marriage of Bush and the conservative movement can be put together again. Far too many conservatives have blinded themselves to what Bush really stands for, and the truth is now coming home, and hell is breaking loose, because so much had been invested in this marriage that was a fraud from the start. Those of us who were not part of the false marriage can look at its break-up with a certain objectivity. But we’re not wholly unconnected with it either, since the people now splitting from Bush are coming to the place where we’ve been for the last five years.

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