Fender bender outside Dodger Stadium holds man to the ground and repeatedly kicks him in the face

Following a minor car collision in the parking lot outside Dodger Stadium, site of previous raceless attacks, three raceless attackers held down a raceless victim while a fourth raceless attacker “kicked and hit him about the head and face area while he was on the ground.”

According to a Los Angeles police sergeant quoted by the Sacramento Bee, “It was just a minor fender bender that just got totally out of hand.”

See? The fender bender got out totally of hand and caused the victim to be held down on the ground and beaten and ending up in the hospital. It was the fender bender that did it, as though it were an autonomous entity, just as a burglary gone wrong or a robbery gone wrong has, on innumerable occasions, as though it were an autonomous entity, caused the death of a person.

Who would have thought that police officers in this country, once seen by the left as primitive reactionaries and “pigs,” would have turned out to be expert purveyors of deconstruction, with its denial of human agency?

UPDATE: Since this entry was drafted Monday, the four assailants have been identified as Arthur Morales, Alan Trujillo, Alejandro Briceno, and Ulises Briceno.

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James P. writes:

The story notes,

“Dodgers officials praised stadium security and Los Angeles police for a ‘quick security response (that) prevented the confrontation from escalating further.’ ”

Three men pinned someone to the ground while another man beat him. How could that have escalated further? Are we supposed to be thankful they didn’t have time to get a machete and behead their victim?

Of interest, Los Angeles County is notoriously restrictive about issuing concealed carry permits to law-abiding citizens.

LA replies:

Also, of course, the word “confrontation” is entirely dishonest here. This was not a confrontation, but the beating of one man by four men. Imagine the twisted minds of the reporter and editor who described such an event as a “confrontation.”

LA writes:

See Irv P.’s follow-up to this entry, on the transformation of Dodger Stadium from the 1960s to the present.

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