LA Times: A GOP-controlled House would attack the EPA and climate science

John Hagan writes:

This story is significant, and important. It’s essential that the global warming hoax be exposed. If the GOP can push back on climate science hard enough, the whole false edifice of this scam might come tumbling down.

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Alexis Zarkov writes:

The following is one of the most important sentences in the article. “In comments last week, White House officials said they are considering hiring more lawyers to the Office of Legal Counsel to gird for the possible battles ahead.” Evidently the White House assumes it has a blank check to expand its staff as much as it wants, and for whatever reason it wants. The Congress has to stop issuing the administration blank checks. A Republican controlled House can, and should limit the White House staff budget. It needs to do this to curtail the excesses of the Obama regime.

Abraham Lincoln had two secretaries whose salary he paid for out of this own pocket. Beginning in FDR’s second term, the size of the president’s staff began to escalate becoming the virtual a government within a government we have today. Presidents often prefer using staff over Cabinet. He does not need Senate approval for his staff, and he can block their giving testimony. For example, as National Security Advisor (a staff position) Henry Kissinger functioned as de facto Secretary of State (a position he eventually assumed) making William Rogers, the actual Secretary of State, a non-entity. This ploy allowed Nixon to conduct a major part of his foreign policy free of Congressional oversight. Today Obama has built up a gigantic staff he uses as shock troops to fight his political battles and expand the power of his regime. I see no reason for a Republican House to supply Obama with ammunition in their fight with him. If they want to be a effective opposition force they must realize this important truth.

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