Accused of red-baiting in 2008 for stating the obvious truth that Obama may lead in socialist direction

Because I rarely watch TV, I did not know that back in 2008 Diana West attained talking head status for a while, as a regular commentator on Lou Dobbs’s program. Here, in an installment of the show that was broadcast just before the 2008 presidential election, she expresses the concern that Obama may lead the country in a “socialist direction,” and is immediately accused of “red-baiting” by another commentator. See her reply, in which she brings out Obama’s past radical statements and associations which, of course, the MSM concealed, then and now.

She discusses the incident—and the end of her gig at CNN which she thinks may have resulted from her expressing such views—in a current entry. It’s about Aaron Klein’s new book, The Manchurian President, and how mainstream media editors are not only refusing to review it, but express existential loathing for it.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 11, 2010 12:30 PM | Send

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