Chicago police chief and blacks’ moral agency

Patrick H. writes:

The O’Reilly Factor last night had a discussion of the extreme violence in Chicago. The police chief, Garry McCarthy, formerly the police chief of Newark, New Jersey, who is very PC, was asked about solutions to the epidemic of violence. He stated that the violence is contained in “certain” limited areas of Chicago, and that the other areas, like the suburbs, do not have that level of violence. What is really needed, he said, is for people in the suburbs to care about what is going on in the unidentified violent areas. So the solution is for non-residents of the troubled areas to care? And once they start caring, which should be any day now, the violence will subside. Most likely the caring which is required is not mere good thoughts, but substantial caring, like giving money for midnight basketball or after-school science clubs to keep the youth busy.

The implied insult to the residents of Chicago is outrageous. He is implying that they are indifferent to the killing of human beings in their city. They have done nothing to deserve such a rebuke. Chicago should follow Newark and relieve this man of the duties of his office.

LA replies:

Why does his statement merit his being fired? He is only repeating a fundamental axiom of liberal society, which is that blacks are not responsible moral agents, and that everything blacks do is but a function of something that whites are doing to them, or something that whites are failing to do for them.

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