Palin on the road again in quasi campaign mode, her supporters bursting with happiness

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The below thread at gives us as direct a hit—at least in print—of Palinmania as we are likely to find. The L-dotters love her, they think she’s the second coming of Ronald Reagan, they think she has the power to disperse the left and save America.

So I ask myself, What’s wrong with me? What am I missing here? Why don’t I see these wonderful things about Sarah Palin that so many others see? Is it that I lack something that they have, or that I have something that they lack? Are they deluded, and I see their delusion for what it is? Or do they see a truth to which I am blind? Or am I one of those disgusting Northeast Corridor Anti-Palin Elitists who according to the big thinkers at American Thinker aren’t even part of America—the wussy Frum, the superior Brooks, the precious Noonan?

But here’s a possible answer that occurs to me. The Palin supporters are August 29, 2008 people. I am a September 1, 2008 person. On Friday, August 29, 2008, I, like millions, was charmed by Sarah Palin in her first appearance on the national stage. The combination of her slight ditziness (that bee-hive hair-do), raw political talent, appealing attractiveness, and old fashioned American idealism—her sheer originality as a human being—strongly impressed me. However, by the end of that weekend, during which the whole country was obsessed with Palin, further thoughts led me to conclude and to write at VFR that her nomination was a mistake, a belief strengthened in me by the announcement on Monday morning of her daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and, later, by the realization of her lack of engagement with national political issues and her lack of conservative principles, including her over the top statement in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.

So, when it comes to Palin, I’m a September 1, 2008 kind of guy. I changed from August 29. I had second thoughts. But the Palin supporters are still living in August 29, in the first flush of wonder at this astonishing creature. They haven’t gotten over it. They were won over by her on that first day, and nothing has changed that.

Thousands cheer Palin
in Mich. for book tour
Associated Press, by Kathy Barks Hoffman
Original Article
Posted By:GaGardener, 11/18/2009 7:47:49 PM

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—College students ditched class, employees skipped work and some huddled in the cold overnight just to make sure they get an orange wristband Wednesday that would let them meet Sarah Palin. Thousands gathered outside a Barnes & Noble and chanted “Palin! Palin! Palin!” for the kickoff of the former Republican vice presidential candidate’s “Going Rogue” book tour, which has taken on the feel of a political pep rally.


Many of those waiting for Sarah Palin said they’re ready to vote for her in 2012! Same here!

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Reply 1—Posted by: Cliff, 11/18/2009 7:52:10 PM

How much do you lefties hate her now!

Reply 2—Posted by: tedward, 11/18/2009 7:53:45 PM

She rocked this town ! You go Girl !

Reply 3—Posted by: zDale, 11/18/2009 7:54:04 PM

This is from the AP … I wonder if they are “fact checking” her book signing.

Reply 4—Posted by: nina584, 11/18/2009 7:55:46 PM

Sarah is brilliant. She will become a super star while Obama dithers away.

Reply 5—Posted by: judy, 11/18/2009 8:01:46 PM

I hope she makes enough $$$$$$ so she & her family can have a comfortable life foreverrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Go Sarah.

Reply 6—Posted by: Crystallite, 11/18/2009 8:17:06 PM

Commie Axelrod will say these people don’t count.

Reply 7—Posted by: strike3, 11/18/2009 8:18:09 PM

Ah yes, Michigan, one of those blue states where the democrat mafia unions provide you with the best of everything, as long as you have a job and keep voting their way. Home of Detroit, city of honest government, cheap housing and safe neighborhoods. Dearborn, “little Palestine.” Sarah is just the cure for what ails them.

Reply 8—Posted by: Delilah, 11/18/2009 8:19:03 PM

If she doesn’t make enough on this book maybe she can write another titled “Northern Exposure”. I’d like to see the Obamas survive a winter in Alaska. They’d never make it.

Reply 9—Posted by: planetgeo, 11/18/2009 8:20:17 PM

The MSM and the liberals haven’t figured it out yet … Sarah Palin isn’t a politician, she’s a movement. And unfortunately for her enemies, we’re all “going rogue” now.

As for her book sales, they’re not just book sales, they’re an advance national plebiscite.

Reply 10—Posted by: Chippewa, 11/18/2009 8:32:51 PM

Yes, this was Michigan, but it was Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is as Red as Detroit, Flint, Pontiac and Saginaw are blue. Not to take anything away from her, but do not think for a minute that Grand Rapids is representative of Michigan, unfortunately.

Reply 11—Posted by: Gent11214, 11/18/2009 8:35:59 PM

I hope she is building a campaign warchest. This is a GREAT way to do it. I don’t recall it ever having been done like this before. You Go Girl !

Reply 12—Posted by: lauraw, 11/18/2009 8:46:07 PM

Amazingly, from the AP: no snark. Straight story, with nothing to diminish the fact that all these ordinary folks really wanted to support Palin. There is so much snark elsewhere one wishes to give credit when even-handed journalism occurs.

Reply 13—Posted by: wes mouch, 11/18/2009 8:53:28 PM

Why do leftists tell rape jokes about Sarah’s children? The easy answer is look at the crowds lining up for the book tour, but if you are a nerd look at the following data:

Demand for “Going Rogue: An American Life” is so strong that HarperCollins Publishers is going back to press for an additional 100,000 run, bringing the total number of hard-covers in print to 1.6 million copies. –WallStreet Journal, November 17, 2009

As of March 2009, Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope together sold just over 479,000 copies. –Publisher’s Weekly

There are no books about Biden that made the Amazon cut-off for “most popular political books.”—

Reply 14—Posted by: cookiemaker54, 11/18/2009 8:57:25 PM

#7, Grand Rapids, MI is as far from Detroit, et. al., as you can get as is most of Western Michigan. Staunchly conservative thanks to the Dutch Reformed Church. We just don’t have those gigantic population centers that the “sunrise” side of the state does otherwise this state would be redder than a Union suit!! Go, Sarah, go!!!

Reply 15—Posted by: junkmaninohio, 11/18/2009 9:04:34 PM

Sarah continues to give the left wing loons heartburn. Good for you Sarah … keep punching back.

Reply 16—Posted by: rplat, 11/18/2009 9:15:51 PM

I am constantly amazed by the way this small courageous woman can so enrage and frighten the left. Give them hell Sarah.

Reply 17—Posted by: PLPointer67, 11/18/2009 9:27:18 PM

#9’s post gave me an idea. What about a sign or T-shirt that says:

“Gone Rogue” ?

Sure fits me!

Reply 18—Posted by: gruntled, 11/18/2009 9:27:31 PM

Mrs. Grunt just returned from a trip to costco where Sarah’s book is flying off the table. This is one of the bluest of blue states (WA).

You are seeing why she (Sarah) scares the pants off of the political class, left and right. It isn’t just the leftoids he fear her.

The Grunt

Reply 19—Posted by: red1066, 11/18/2009 9:27:42 PM

Some idiot republican pollster stated Sarah Palin won’t attract women voters. How clueless can one be. Here is someone who just had thousands of people pay $30 just to hear her speak, many of them women, and his polling shows women won’t support her because she quit her job as governor? Come on. Wake up.

Reply 20—Posted by: Hardright, 11/18/2009 9:31:09 PM

Boy, this is going to put the lefties into overdrive. I was watching Chris Matthews this afternoon to get his reaction to Sarah and the crowd she drew in Michigan. These guys just don’t get it. They’ve totally lost touch with real people. They are sooo afraid of Sarah Palin. Their vicious attacks on her only show their desparation. They’re the big losers in the end.

Reply 21—Posted by: jimK1, 11/18/2009 9:31:57 PM

Ah the population center, Detroit. Population 2millio er 1.5 milli um, 1 mill, uh 900k and dropping fast. Saginaw and Flint in the same boat, people leaving in droves. My hope is SE Michigan will soon be void (except for the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor) of liberals and Michigan can once again go Conservative.

Reply 22—Posted by: M2, 11/18/2009 9:36:15 PM

Lefties go bananas when Sarah gets all this adulation and attention b/c they think she’s a lightweight, inexperienced dunce.

Yet when a lightweight, inexperienced Communist Marxist community organizer gets the adulation and attention, that’s as it should be.

Sarah is the next Reagan. Deal with it.

Reply 23—Posted by: jetsman, 11/18/2009 9:45:27 PM

I read where the AP assigned eleven employees to fact chech Palin’s book,but

can’t or won’t have anyone go over lord

messiah o’bama’s book,what’s wrong with this

picture and also … where is the N.O.W.gang

on this witch hunt??

The N.O.W. gang have their noses so far up

lord messiah’s o’bama’s butt that they “See

No Evil,Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil”.

I hope Palin exposes the media media for what they really are a mouth piece for o’bama and George Soros.

Reply 24—Posted by: greggojo, 11/18/2009 9:53:50 PM

Most politicians are elitist frauds. They talk a bunch of political BS. They refuse to seal our borders. They don’t protect us from our enemies. They are 100% politically correct even though not a single person I have ever known actually believes any of that silly nonsense. They enslave us with their rushed through poorly thought out legislation. And they live like royalty on our nickel while they bankrupt us with taxes.

Sarah Palin sits at her kitchen table and talks straight talk. She loves America, hates corruption and tells the truth. Of course people with common sense like her.

Reply 25—Posted by: MeOpinionatedNah, 11/18/2009 10:05:00 PM

Semi-Serious Sitcoms!

Recently, I’ve been enjoying reading, watching and listening to the liberal mediots falling all over themselves in hopes of getting close enough to conservative Sarah Palin to claim they’re really and truly practicing “journalism.” They remind me of all those wacky next-door neighbors who’ve appeared for decades in hundreds of situation comedies; amusing sometimes, to be taken seriously never.


Reply 26—Posted by: IndianaPotts, 11/18/2009 10:15:05 PM

Sarah is coming to Noblesville, Indiana tomorrow. On the 10pm news tonight people were lining up tonight to be the first in line tomorrow! Three interviews with shoppers on the tv and not one was negative—but rather gushingly positive. All three interviewed were women and they were incredibly excited. Seems Palin is touching the hearts of average Americans—just what the country needs. Hey lib snobs—take your so-called sophisticated Obama and shove it!

Reply 27—Posted by: Eaglesdad, 11/18/2009 10:15:59 PM

#9 that is awesome I hope you don’t mind if I use it.

It’s a movement and we’re all Goin Rogue!

Throw the bums out and insatall citizen legislators to take our country back!

Out with the professional panderers!

Reply 28—Posted by: msjena, 11/18/2009 10:39:49 PM

#10-I think Grand Rapids is pretty representative of Michigan outside of Detroit. All of Southwest Michigan is Republican. I am not that familiar with northern Michigan, but I can’t believe that all of those hunters and outdoorsmen up there wouldn’t love to vote for Sarah.

Reply 29—Posted by: O.G.’s Mom, 11/18/2009 10:42:11 PM

LOVE absolutely LOVE the “Going Rogue” as tee shirts, bumper stickers, hats. Sarah, market that and copyright that, girl. Also, coyright your dad’s phrase…. “Sarah’s not retreating, she’s reloading.” Love that, love that. And then pay for your election with these tee shirts and bumper stickers. I also love that Sarah’s book tour which has people lining up in the cold during the night to greet her the next day, will make the Libs go absolutely bonkas. And I write this knowing that some of my dearest friends will go bonkas at the thought that I and many others love our dear Sarah. What a great antidote to Zero and his minions. How refreshing she is to the tired, negative, angry radical liberals.

Reply 30—Posted by: Aria, 11/18/2009 10:49:27 PM


“Sarah Palin isn’t a politician, she’s a movement.”

That is a very astute statement. Just like Doug Hoffman is an example of that movement … the anti-politician, the real person who hasn’t spent years learning how to be better than we are. They take our money and throw it away and then demand more.

I’ve had it with these people who think they know more than the rest of us who live real lives fending for ourselves.

Reply 31—Posted by: iamtinman, 11/18/2009 10:51:10 PM

Here’s a bumper sticker for you!

Go Rogue! Vote Palin in 2012!

Reply 32—Posted by: IMSully, 11/18/2009 11:21:07 PM

Just returned from the Costco in Chico CA with a copy of going Rogue. The display at the dorr was down to just 6 copies. Don’t know how many times they restocked it but I will be curious to learn how many copies were scanned when Drudge updates.

Reply 33—Posted by: lana720, 11/18/2009 11:26:43 PM

I AM SO ANGRY!!! i just watched the rerun of O’Reilly and that Sally Quinn said the most horrible things about Sarah Palin … things about God’s Will in her life and how Sarah goes along if it’s OK with her. Bill did a bit of damage control, but what got me is when she reflected that Sarah said something she never said about before she had her son. Quinn asked what would keep her from throwing him off a cliff now and no one would know?!? I was screaming! This “woman” thinks abortion is a sacrament, I bet. I couldn’t believe my ears! I thought Quinn had a disabled child too, which makes it all the worse.

I love Sarah—kudos to all who waited for her.

Man, I hate to go to bed mad!

Reply 34—Posted by: PatriotOne, 11/18/2009 11:29:38 PM

Harry Truman once said, “I don’t give’em hell! I just speak the truth and they think it’s hell!”

Same for Sarah! And the truth she speaks is not just hell for Democrats! Some Republicans, too. To name two: John McCain and Newt Gingrich! John McCain picked her as his running mate and too late realized he paled in her shadow! So, no more Sarah! No more “Going Rogue!” And after Sarah backed the Conservative Republican in NY’s 23rd District, Newt was “outed” by himself when he backed the GOP’s RHINO candidate.

Great work, Sarah ~~ Direct hits!!!

Your book’s already a Best Seller ~~ you’re the Harry Potter of American politics!!!

Reply 35—Posted by: lve33, 11/18/2009 11:53:36 PM

Because of Sarah Palin being on McCain’s ticket, I gave my largest contribution ever.

Am with her 100%. She’s the Real Deal.

Like the idea of a bumper sticker, “Going Rogue”.

Reply 36—Posted by: luvsnukes, 11/19/2009 12:05:24 AM

Sarah IS a superstar. Sarah IS Reagan. Deal with it!

There fixed a couple of previous posts … remade them in the PRESENT tense intead of FUTURE tense.

Reply 37—Posted by: RedDoggie, 11/19/2009 12:17:30 AM

I guess you say what can make me feel this way—SARAH, SARAH, SARAH. I’m loving every minute of every interview.

Reply 38—Posted by: berlin, 11/19/2009 12:17:57 AM

I just finished watching the Hannity/Palin interview. Best line of the night: When she quoted her father saying “Sarah is not retreating, she is reloading”.

I wish you the best of success, guv. Keep that sunny disposition; you’ll make the unhinged left even crazier.

Reply 39—Posted by: HaroldtheBear, 11/19/2009 12:28:31 AM

I hope she keeps studying, learning- and getting out to meet more of America. It would be great to be able to support her when she starts her run. This is an enouraging sign. It is a beginning. Truly a new beginning.

Reply 40—Posted by: HaroldtheBear, 11/19/2009 12:31:50 AM

I read over some of the posts. Reloading is precisely what she is doing. My copy of the book should be ariving in the next day or so. It will be prominently displayed in my living room. And someone came up with the perfect slogan here: GO ROGUE! Love it.

Reply 41—Posted by: peteyk, 11/19/2009 1:01:58 AM

Sarah truly is the second coming of Ronald Reagan! She is a patriot who is gonna lead our country! People, including me, can’t get enough of her. She’s a national treasure. I watched that idiot, sally quinn, try to bad mouth her. sally just doesn’t get it, she needs a crutch to stand up.

Reply 42—Posted by: Margie, 11/19/2009 1:37:28 AM

I watched Sarah’s interview with Sean tonight and the only mistake I heard was when she said Iraq instead of Iran twice, but that’s ok. Her son is now home from Iraq, so she has had that word on her mind. Her interview was perfect otherwise. She said what Reagan would have said and made it sound crystal clear, not politically correct. I loved it when she said everybody should be profiling and that would have caught Hasan before he killed our soldiers. I’m willing to buy anything with Sarah’s name on it, just to drive liberals crazy!!!!

Reply 43—Posted by: msjena, 11/19/2009 1:46:36 AM

Sarah was terrific on Hannity tonight. Anyone who thinks she’s dumb doesn’t know what they are talking about. She knows a lot and answers without missing a beat.

Reply 44—Posted by: canfranchiser, 11/19/2009 1:51:47 AM

i think sarah can prove to be the rudder for the nation to help get things back on track. right now we are running toward a future without real purpose. politicians now are trying to provide things that the country can’t afford and trying to find new ways to spend money we don’t have. we need to rebuild a philosophy that will guide us into the future. that might be the service that sarah will provide america.

Reply 45—Posted by: gringoloco, 11/19/2009 2:11:45 AM

Party gal Sally Quinn looks like 500 miles of bad road compared to Sarah. She can go hang out with her liberal nitwit friends and they can bite their nails together in fretting and paranoia. The thing they fear is coming upon them. A Rogue Elephant is stomping through flyover country and will soon be heading your way!

Reply 46—Posted by: eor, 11/19/2009 2:12:11 AM

#8 I am still chuckling. I can just envision Michelle out chopping wood when it is 50 below zero!! You know Barack wouldn’t be the one to do it!

- end of initial entry -

Kevin V. writes:

I agree with you that Palin is no savior and would be a disaster both as a candidate and, God help us, in office. However, I think it perfectly obvious why the conservative right is fawning over her; the answer lies in your post about Chris Matthews and his friends at Microsoft and NBC Universal owned MSNBC. (Side note: Funny how liberals don’t complain about “the corporations” taking over the news when their main outlet is obviously a corporate joint venture at news production). Matthews painted the white European-American people in line for Palin’s book as guilty of being white.

Liberals see her and Republicans in general as the evil white people’s party. Blacks see her and Republicans as the evil white people’s party. Latinos see her and Republicans as the evil white people’s party. Hell, everyone BUT REPUBLICANS see them as the evil white people’s party.

So, despite her statements on immigration or her stance on this or that, she is de facto the white candidate, to which white conservatives are now responding to at the level one would expect a racial response to resonate: primal and emotional.

It’s all about race, and a slowly awakening white Euro-American political identity. That Palin doesn’t know this, and would be against it if she knew it, doesn’t matter. The lines have been drawn and people are getting behind their respective lines.

Larry T. writes:

Like you, I thought she looked pretty good on August 29th. She has a good heart and means well, but that’s not enough. She couldn’t handle Katie Couric. She has the life experience and intellect to be a mayor, a governor of Alaska, a representative or a senator, but I wouldn’t trust her being in charge of anything important. I am particularly unhappy with her resignation as governor. I don’t buy her explanations, even though I understand how disheartening it must have been for her. Politics is war by other means, in a Machiavellian environment. You can’t quit when things get tough. She is a quitter. I think the main reason for her popularity is that there’s no one else out there for the Republicans at this time who has any star quality.

What confuses me is why the left is constantly attacking her. I would think they would welcome an ineffectual candidate like her and hope she would be the Republican candidate in 2012. She is a lightweight. Can you picture her debating Obama?

LA replies:

The other day I suggested that the left hates her for the same reason the right loves her. The left has bought into the symbolism and sees her as hard right winger; and that, plus her popularity with conservatives, makes her frightening to them. Or, it could be that the left is simply so crazy now (notwithstanding the election of Obama which I thought might at least lower the volume on their pathology) that they automatically and insanely hate any white Republican who appears conservative.

Thus people are simply standing on line in a book signing at a shopping mall, and Chris Matthews says:

“I think there’s a tribal aspect to this thing, in other words, whites versus other people.”

The fact that the people standing on line are white, means that it’s whites versus other people. The very fact of being a white person makes you a racist. And he says this, without fear of losing his job, on a national TV show for which he probably receives a seven figure income.

So we have a permanent, established demonization of conservative whites, or rather of whites who are cast in the liberal script as conservative. Therefore perhaps the particulars of Palin don’t matter by way of explaining the left’s hate for her. She is a conservative, therefore she is evil.

LA adds:

I need to qualify my prevous comment. Many of Palin’s supporters like her, not because they see her as a hard line conservative, but because they see her as a woman of the people, a “real person, like us,” who will stand up against the elites. So in that sense she’s a populist figure, not a conservative one. Which means that my theory—that conservative love her and liberals hate her because they both (falsely) see her as a strong conservative—must be revised.

A. Zarkov writes:

It’s not just you. Palin immediately struck me as an airhead, and I’ve heard nothing from her, or about her that would induce me to change my original impression. Now I find out from you that she favors amnesty for illegal aliens. [LA replies: here is the transcript and my discussion of her interview on a Spanish language TV station concerning amnesty and why it is morally necessary.] I too am mystified by her appeal to conservatives. Some of them even call her an “expert” on energy matters. Of course next to someone like Al Gore, she would seem like a genius on energy. He recently said that the temperature in the interior of the earth is in the millions of degrees! It’s 7,000 C at the core. What do we call Gore—a vacuum head? While she can spout a little common sense, I really don’t think she can get past the usual Republican talking points on energy. I see absolutely no evidence of any depth of understanding on energy, or anything else. Surely not history and civics. When Katie Couric asked her to name the Supreme Court decisions she most disagreed with, Palin went into a kind of stammering intellectual paralysis. She was not even adroit enough to fake her way out of the question. Airhead.

I don’t really understand why the liberals are so upset with her, but I can guess. Palin resides outside of the usual elite class that inhabits the top of the federal government, and they regard her as an interloper. After all she attended a series of four minor colleges to graduate with a BA in communications. That kind of background does not go over well in places like Berkeley, Cambridge or the Upper West Side. But in my opinion she has nothing to offer conservatives either. Her position of illegal immigration is a real deal killer for me.

LA replies:

The airheads versus the vacuum heads!

James N. writes:

In 1999, I took my then three kids to see George W. Bush speak in our little town in New Hampshire, as he began to campaign for the 2000 GOP nomination. He arrived in a caravan of antique wooden boats, escorted by men in blue blazers and straw hats. He gave a speech about “single moms” and everything he was going to do for everyone, after a head fake praising our men—and women—in uniform, and how they were the tip of the spear. I got to meet him and shake his hand. He had dead eyes.

That night, I posted on Free Republic, “He (Bush) is our Clinton,” meaning, an empty charmer who played the right tune on his flute, with the ability to charm conservatives, like Clinton could charm liberals, into thinking he was one of them, while not really being anything at all.

Now, I was and remain a Sarah Palin lover. But I am absolutely willing to accept the accusation that she is our Obama. After all, we have not had two qualified men running for President since 1956. That’s 53 years. She probably is a skilled actress, and conservatives are absolutely projecting their own thoughts and feelings onto her.

But, just as Obama the chameleon brought to power thousands of political appointees who are leftist revolutionaries, intent on wrecking our country, and thereby fulfilling the projected fantasies of his supporters, it is possible that Our Lady can return the favor by bringing a flood of conservatives, libertarians, and even traditionalists into Washington, much as Reagan did.

A serious candidate is impossible. Sarah is not impossible. And her government would be so much better than the catastrophe now before us that a Sarah candidacy may be a good idea.

LA replies:

It’s an interesting argument.

Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that a Palin presidency would have the beneficial effects James speaks of. How could anyone believe that in the event Palin, a half-term quitter governor of Alaska, won the GOP nomination, she could win the election, given her very high negativers?

James N. writes:

Yes, of course the fact that the unprecedented campaign of vilification against Mrs. Palin has worked is a major obstacle to any possible future success.

If she is able to overcome this, she will be a force for good. If she isn’t, she won’t. The fact that a concerted attack like this can succeed is an ominous new development in our politics—she may be the first, but she won’t be the last.

LA replies:

I’m glad to have your point of view on this, which is so different from mine and gives a new perspective.

LA writes:

By the way, since Palin has given her book the drop-out sounding title, Going Rogue, and since the title of this entry is “Palin on the road again,” let’s hear Bob Dylan’s song, “On the Road Again,” from his 1965 album, Bringing It All Back Home. It could be seen as an expression of how Palin and her supporters feel about the Republican establishment. (But you’d better listen to it soon, because Dylan YouTubes appear on the Web and then are blocked again.)

Here are the lyrics:

Well, I wake up in the morning
There’s frogs inside my socks
Your mama, she’s a-hidin’
Inside the icebox
Your daddy walks in wearin’
A Napoleon Bonaparte mask
And you ask why I don’t live here
Honey, do you have to ask?

Well, I go to pet your monkey
I get a face full of claws
I ask you who’s in the fireplace
And you tell me Santa Claus
The milkman comes in
He’s wearing a derby hat
Then you ask why I don’t live here
Honey, how come you have to ask me that?

Well, I asked for something to eat
I’m hungry as a hog
So I get brown rice, seaweed
And a dirty hot dog
I’ve got a hole
Where my stomach disappeared
Then you ask why I don’t live here
Honey, I gotta think you’re really weird.

Your grandpa’s cane
It turns into a sword
Your grandma prays to pictures
That are pasted on a board
Everything inside my pockets
Your uncle steals
Then you ask why I don’t live here
Honey, I can’t believe that you’re for real.

Well, there’s fist fights in the kitchen
They’re enough to make me cry
The mailman comes in
Even he’s gotta take a side
Even the butler
He’s got something to prove
Then you ask why I don’t live here
Honey, how come you don’t move?

LA writes:

From October 2008, see Palin’s thoughtless, sentimental pro-open borders comments:

Finally, the great pro-America conservative Sarah Palin speaks—on immigration!

Any sign that she’s learned about, thought about the issue since then? She will eventually have to speak on it, when (or if) the Democrats push comprehensive reform next year. That will be interesting.

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