Trump versus Cantor

Donald Trump in a PPP poll leads the Republican field by nine percent—and here’s why. Asked in an impromptu interview about House Republican Leader Eric Cantor’s remark that Trump’s potential candidacy is not serious because of his emphasis on the birth issue, Trump just stands there and restates the basic problem, that Obama has concealed his birth certificate.

“I think it’s a very bad thing for Cantor to have done,” Trump said, “because I’ll tell you, people love this issue especially in the Republican Party. And there’s something to what we’re saying.”

There’s something to what we’re saying. Exactly right. The exchange makes Trump looks like the serious one, and Cantor like a weakling who is afraid of a fundamentally important issue.

* * *

And here is quite an interesting discussion about Trump at, with every possible angle on Trump, pro and con and everything in between, being expressed. But to see the range of opinions on Trump, you don’t need to read that whole thread. You could just look at my own recent evaluations of Trump, which cover the gamut from “he’s a blowhard” to “he looks like the serious one.” Am I contradicting myself? It appears so.

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