Nine years later, the trial in Chandra Levy’s murder

David B. writes (Oct. 18):

Jury selection in the trial of the illegal alien charged with the murder of Chandra Levy begins Monday. There is no DNA evidence because the bungling D.C. police failed to find her body even though she had left a clear trail on her computer of her intentions to go jogging in Rock Creek Park.

The MSM made Chandra Levy the biggest story of the summer of 2001. They hoped that Congressman Gary Condit would turn out to be the perpetrator. He was the kind of defendant they wanted. Instead, it’s the Usual Suspect.

LA replies:

No Great White Republican Murderer. Just an illegal alien murderer. And who cares about that?

Here are some previous VFR items on the breaking of the Levy case:

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David B. writes:

Gary Condit was a Democrat, not a Republican (as you have in your post). The MSM often called him a “Conservative Democrat,” or didn’t give his party affiliation at all.

During the Clinton Impeachment, Condit voted against Clinton at one point. Media types saw this as “hypocrisy,” the worst sin from a liberal viewpoint, or so they say. In other words, Condit was doing the same thing in his private life as Clinton.

The late Vanity Fair writer Dominick Dunne mentioned this constantly. “Condit voted to impeach President Clinton,” Dunne would say in his articles and TV appearances. Dunne went on the Larry King show and speculated that Condit hired someone to kill Chandra Levy and throw her body in the ocean.

Levy’s body was found in Rock Creek Park where she had been murdered while out jugging alone. Condit eventually sued Dunne for slander. It was settled out of court.

The MSM wanted Condit to be guilty of Chandra Levy’s murder in order to have the “Great White Defendant Murders Young Career Woman” story. That he had not voted the liberal line 100% of the time was an additional factor, in my opinion.

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